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    Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

    '49 Schwinn Panther S2 wheels w/Bendix, Mijon stem, vintage cobra-style grips, vintage Tange headset, vintage HTI pedals, vintage Buckeye stamped Ashtabula cranks, vintage Sugino 39t chainring, vintage AS bolt Schwinn seat clamp, Schwinn seat post, solid aluminum MX handle bars, custom decals...
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    Prewar Schwinn crank choice....

    Hello, Sorry for being mechanically challenged, but I have a prewar Schwinn frame that I recently acquired. It has gouges in the chainstays that I assume are from the cranks clipping them. Do I need to use a dog leg crank to prevent this from happening again after I do a little rehab on the...
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    Original WEBCO decals...

    I'd like to find white, but I could consider other colors. Thanks in advance
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    FEELER - NEW Webco 3-Bar Chromoly 26" BMX Cruiser Frames Group Buy

    Emory's site says "coming soon" on this frame. Any idea when that will be? Also, does anyone have any original WEBCO stickers. I'd like to find white. Thanks in advance.
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    Black rat trap pedals 1/2"

    Hey mac, Thanks so much. Those KKTs are hot. However, I've got some rat traps and now I'm only looking for black. Thanks
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    FREE Wheel sets! SOLD OUT!

    Lee please check your PMs.
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    Black rat trap pedals 1/2"

    NOS or minty black rat trap 1/2" pedals sought. Thanks in advance.
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    What are those rims? TIA
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    Elgin = Powerlite?

    Not sure what these cranks are, but I've got 'em so I'm gonna use 'em. They're long, 180mm
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    Elgin = Powerlite?

    So I think this will be the stem I'll use on the build. I believe it's off a 70s BMX bike. I've seen some picks that were in some old BMX magzines on Mongoose bikes and others. It's smaller than it looks in the pictures. To me the pictures look like an early mt. bike stem but it's not that...
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    Elgin = Powerlite?

    I've had this F/F for about a year now just sitting in my garage. It's time to either build it or sell it. I've always wanted a 26" 3-bar Powerlite, but they don't come available very often and when they do they're at a price that would cause my wife to kick me out. To me this frame has a...
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    SOLD '35 Hawthorne Frame - NOW with live Photos!

    Was this frame originally made for 26" or 28" wheels? TIA
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    Three Treks I've picked up in the last two weeks

    '96ish Trek 930 Mid-80s? Trek 950. Lugged steel and mostly original. An even earlier lugged steel Trek. I didn't know Trek made a bike with the under mount U-brake. It's been repainted. When I saw it I thought maybe it's not really a Trek, but it's stamped Trek in at least two places...
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    Vintage Treks

    So I just picked up this 950 plus another Trek that I can't ID for $50. The 950 looks to be maybe mid 80s and 90% original. The other one is missing some pieces, but what's really interesting about it is that it has an under mount U-brake. I don't recall Trek making a bike like this. It's...
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    Emory score

    Yep, that was it. I'll get one eventually.