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    24" Shelby Super Deluxe

    Okay its getting parted out all items plus shipping cost. Lower 48 only. $50 for head badge. $125 for springer fork. $75 for tank. Frame $50. Sprocket and crank $40. Ducktail fenders rough shape $45. Chain guard $40. Thanks for looking
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    24" Shelby Super Deluxe

    Have this 24" Shelby springer tank bike for sale $325+ shipping or MAY PART OUT.... ALSO MAY TRADE FOR FELT OR OTHER MODERN CRUISER WITH GEARS.... ONLY SHIP LOWER 48... THANKS FOR LOOKING. Wheel and tire not included have original wheels as well.
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    1952 Shelby Super Deluxe Springer

    I think it will stay in one piece bike is way better shape then I thought I'll restore this one and sell it after I cruise her around for a while Sent from my LGL34C using Tapatalk
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    1952 Shelby Super Deluxe Springer

    I will check it out tomorrow and let you know.... Daughter been sick.... Also giving bike an OA DIP AND trying to clean it up a bit. Thank you for looking Sent from my LGL34C using Tapatalk
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    1952 Shelby Super Deluxe Springer

    Sent from my LGL34C using Tapatalk
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    1952 Shelby Super Deluxe Springer

    Barn find all original Shelby Super Deluxe Springer Tank bike missing rear rack rear light and front light and bars. $500 or trade plus cash Located in Malvern Arkansas Willing to part out if no interest in whole bike. Thanks for looking Sent from my LGL34C using Tapatalk
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    Upside Down Xcess - Finished - New You Tube 8/6/12

    Re: Upside Down Xs - Some Progress to Report 6/24/12 Looking Good Jerry I like it! :mrgreen:
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    I hope all the RRB'rs in DFWLand are OK!

    We had two tornadoes here in Greenville at the same time, but no real damage. I went to work four hours late tonight just to be safe. We had to get in the bathroom thought the plate glass windows were gonna break from the hail but they didn't thank goodness. All is well, glad you got passed by...
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    Canton Texas Trade Days

    I went on Friday and there were about 10 more bikes that you didn't get pics of. Next month I'll take my camera and get some pics of all the bikes. There was a really cool Colson looptail girls tank bike for $125. Trying to thin my horde right now or it probably would have came home with me. :D
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    Western Flyer X-53

    Awesome find well worth the $75. SCORE :wink:
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    Cruisin in Austin

    That Gwar shirt just sets the tone. I wonder how many other members here know who Gwar is ? Never been to Austin, but live 50 miles from Dallas. I'm also a Texas transplant moved here from Spokane, WA for work. It sure is nice not shoveling snow to get out the door to go to work. :mrgreen:
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    Disco Beaver Firebike

    Here's a before and after pic from when I purchased the bike til now. I've got some more parts on the way so there will be another couple of incarnations of this bike til I get it just right. 8) I've got some white thick bricks and some all black fattio's. Which setup do you guys think will...
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    Show us your J.C. Higgins Bikes

    Here's mine it's in the first Underground Velo buildoff right now. :mrgreen:
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    what does everyone do for work?

    I work as an aerospace electrician for a department of defense contractor. :shock:
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    Bikes and Beer Swap Meet Ft Worth TX.

    I'll be there, looking for a few things that I need for the firebike and for the higgins rat. See you there guys. :D