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    70s 10 speed in vintage photo

    From about 1975 or 76 in my city. Think the 10 speed in this photo is an early Fuji? Tell me your thoughts. The outdoor shopping mall here was created in 1972 and torn up, turned back into a city street in 1988 (after most of the businesses closed.) The photo just surfaced on a historical FB...
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    Nice work Steve!
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    Moon Over River Rats

    This summer, riding on the piers of our city's Waterfront Park, 2 rats and the rising full moon. This was taken in New London, Connecticut, facing east over the Thames River. Bikes are a West Coast Choppers Limited custom 3-speed, owned by Josh Haysliip, and Ground Zero, a custom tall chopper...
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    NERRB: Bike New London custom bike ride June 27th, CT

    We've got our community bike shop up and running now in downtown New London. Thought we'd invite everyone to check it out and go for a fun easy ride around town too. Saturday, June 27th 2015, at 2PM, we're getting together at Bike New London's shop: 310 State Street, New London, CT 06320 for...
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    NERRB Northampton, MA Nightlife Ride 5 Saturday July, 11th

    Always want to ride with you guys, but the 11th is Sailfest in our town... if you've been in New London for it then you know what I'm talking about. Stevil does! We're working on another event here for a ride at the end of June... post to follow! --Rob
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    Dec 6th! New England Holiday Get Together??

    We're on our way up from New London. See you guys soon! --Rob
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    Dec 6th! New England Holiday Get Together??

    Dudes! I'm in. See you Saturday. May bring some new people and definitely some bikes on the rack to ride or hang out with. Also want to talk about our upcoming swap meet(s) in New London and I have a surprise for everyone. --Rob
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    1945 Elgin by Junknutz1975

    Looks good man! Thanks for the tour too, you know I love the stories behind these places and New England is full of them. Myself I work in a mill on an 1867 industrial site. Good luck in the BuildOff! --Rob
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    What frame is this?

    You got a Worksman INB. The world standard industrial bike. Made in NYC. Fairly expensive, tough as nails, and still being made. All parts available from Worksman Cycles. I ride one at work with the same big Wald basket. Great bikes and worth whatever you paid for it.
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    Howe Caverns Bicycle Build Off Sunday July 27th

    Love it, going to try to make this one. Planning a little summer vacation that will include a stop here. --Rob
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    Anybody have a Sears Railroad attachment?

    What could possibly go wrong? :O
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    Bikes on my brain

    Bikes on my brain
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    Sting-ray Junior

    Hi there, The Stingray Juniors are pretty cool bikes. They were primarily meant to be for littler kids, but with a full size sissy bar, and a full length chrome seat post they can get just about as tall as a full size Stingray. Of course if you want it for a young kid or smaller teen, it'll be...
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    Need Help IDing Frame Please

    I can't verify what the serial number means, but my 1980's INB, my work bike, is built identically to yours. My dropouts point more toward the ground at a 45° angle, but that's about the only difference. Definitely the large Worksman frame. These used axle adjusters like a motorcycle for the...
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    new project, don't know what it is

    I'd say so far everyone's been correct about this one. It's some sort of Schwinn straight-bar frame, and while it's tough to pin down to an individual model, it could be one of these: (Tornado in the lower left of that page.) Find the...