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    Blackstone oil engine startup

    I could watch this thing run for hours... : Mike
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    Bob Jackson World Tour, with aero head lugs, Curtis Odom hubs, TRP CX brakes, and Shimagnolo group set :happy:. I really have to get some current photos of this bike, this was the first day it was operational. : Mike
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    NYTimes: Felice Gimondi, Cyclist With a Career Triple Crown and a Rival, Dies at 76

    Losing Gimondi is a great loss to the sport, he was one of my childhood heroes. Out of the many great men of racing, to me he was the most memorable. : Mike
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    WW II Avenger

    Very Nice Work!!!
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    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    I'm new here but... I have been known to play with Harley-Davidson's And build some custom Sportster stuff. : Mike
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    New Here

    Thanks for the welcome!!! This is such a great site, I have been spending my time going through a lot of the build threads, The people here are so awesome, I don't have the words to describe them. Best wishes to all: Mike
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    New Here

    Hello everybody, My name is Mike and I'm here because of the massive creativity and original thought that goes into the projects that are featured here. I like to build stuff like the 22.2 mm Campagnolo seat post for a Klunker I'm building, details are... The column is 6061 T651 aluminum bar...