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    Vintage Schwinn Grips (Blue)

    Very nice and will easily clean up. I'll leave that to the buyer in case you're going for the 'as found' look. Asking $20, includes shipping in the lower 48 States. Paypal accepted.
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    '64 Schwinn American

    Decided the Tijuana reject needed some more shiny stuff. I dug the stock rear fender out and chopped it up. The chrome was nasty (as seen in the first post of this thread) but with a little (actually, a lot) of elbow grease the fender and brace cleaned up nicely. I had three braces from the...
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    SOLD Novelty California License Plate 'WEIRD'

    $15 shipped in the lower 48 States. Paypal accepted.
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    SOLD Bendix Red Band Two Speed Kickback Hub & Spokes

    Sorry, haven't checked in here in a while. This was sold last Summer.
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    SOLD 'Rusty' Name/License Plate

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    SOLD 'Rusty' Name/License Plate

    About the coolest and most appropriate accessory any Rat Rodder could add to their two-wheeled terror. Guaranteed to make your ride at least 12% cooler. A virtual lock that you will never see another one for sale. $60 shipped to your door in the lower 48 States. Paypal accepted.
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    Tijuana Reject

    Last I heard he was working in loss prevention at an imitation cheese factory and playing the washboard in a Mungo Jerry tribute band.
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    Penny-farthings: an eye-opening experience

    I still can't believe anyone ever thought that was a good design for a bicycle.
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    Before & After Pics

    Before: After:
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    Cruisers on slicks!

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    Tijuana Reject

    The story you are about to read is true*. The names have been changed to protect the innocent....... The year was 1964.......LBJ was in the White House, The Beatles were tearing up the charts and Ford's new Mustang was the hottest thing on four wheels. None of that meant jack squat to little...
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    '64 Schwinn American

    Never really thought about it, maybe I'll post it tomorrow. The last two years I posted my entries on deadline day.
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    '64 Schwinn American

    Photo shoot is done and ready for posting on deadline day.
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    '64 Schwinn American

    Just need to shoot some photos. ;)