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    CT Schwinn: Fender Comp

    Thanks Chad T , Yeah, Muscle Cruiser... Hot Rod Lazy Boy, Interesting,:happy:, Thanks Kingfish I'm glad your Love liked the bike Jake. You're right, I already won. So Funny Dr T, I'm like comparing the paint jobs and your like "They look good together", sometimes I miss the point:grin:, thanks...
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    ElgIndian by B4C

    Sweet Bike! :cool2:
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    SaltHammer Savannah Sand Flats Silver King 1935 - FINISHED THREAD - 4th Place

    Very cool bike with great setup and photography :thumbsup: Its fun trying to find all the doo dad details.
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    Your bike is drop dead gorgeous!
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    ELGIN Decoluxe

    RM, now looking at the finished bike, I like the balance you have even more. It looks so right between the big fenders, skirt guard, tank and chain guard. The colors are just the right shade and "age". Then there is the details... Nice Job!
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    CT Schwinn: Fender Comp

    Thanks RM! :happy:. Yeah, it took a lot of planning to get the ying and yang right. Glad it was noticeable. Per request, Dr T wanted to see the paint difference between CT Schwinn and my Veloster ("Vitamin C" pearlescent metallic) so I took a shot in the garage under fluorescent lights (maybe...
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    One - Liner.....New Photos 1!

    Looking forward to a ride late August. We'll be all like laid back and bananary :bigsmile:. The fall ride is coming up in Sept too! Sorry I lost the pic I had of you at the swap meet when my computer crashed. Yeah, its one thing to take photos but seeing the whole bike design and the details...
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    CT Schwinn: Fender Comp

    Thanks guys for all the comments and likes. I’ll try to reply to everybody plus post some new pics and details. Thanks Odd Job, Looking forward to our ride Thanks A.S.Boltnut. I’ll get into some more paint comments later. It’s Duplicolor Fire Mist Orange metallic. It was not what it was...
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    CT Schwinn: Banana, Banana

    I'm over in the finished section now, here is the link: Sorry I didn't post more but when you computer goes flippy, so do the pics. Oh well.
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    CT Schwinn: Fender Comp

    Hey Everybody, Well, its been another build blast and now its done and dusted. Always wanted a Coppertone Schwinn so I had to build one. Please use this pic for the voting booth, thanks. First, I have to apologize for the pics, my camera is going wonky and none of the pictures are...
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    CT Schwinn: Banana, Banana

    Got some details done and just a bit of cleaning left. NO Sun, Arghhh! So I took this shot. I've wanted a tall sissy bar on my bike ever since I put one on my Wife's Eliminator. Now I do, Yeah! (the colors in this pic couldn't get much flatter :rolleyes:) Banana, Banana!! We may go for a...
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    One - Liner.....New Photos 1!

    Odd Job, you really nailed the patina look with this one.:cool2: Plus the stance and extras make me think it looks like an old racer 50s that you fixed up, just enough;). From the video and seeing you ride at the swap meet, it looks like a great riding bike too, Sweet!! Looking forward to...
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    Very Cool!! I really like the multiple fender struts. The balance of the tank to the fenders, fender skirt and chain guard is perfect. Can't wait to see it all together. Nice Job!
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    CT Schwinn: Banana, Banana

    Thanks RM, it really is fun, again surprisingly :bigsmile:. Its the first low seat that I can ride with being way back. My knees aren't too bent at the top of the crank stroke either. I guess there was a plan there, just not sure it would come together. Yeah Guys, I was originally going to...
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    SaltHammer Savannah Sand Flats Silver King (1935 Monark Silver King) - Aug01 FINISHED! What A Blast!

    Wow! Your bike looks really cool. I like the floating nanner! My wife likes the salt shaker caps and big headlight. Its got quite the stance and presence. Bare metal is always the best. So many doodads to ponder... I can't help but think of one of my all time favorite cars, Peter Brock's...