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    Evans Bike ? Vintage

    RET BAR CYCLE COMPANY INC. Sun City Arizona. Lasted a couple few years and closed it's doors, they specialized in tandems and 3 wheelers trying to cash in on the retired population flocking to that area in the late 70's early 80's. mercuryman
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    RAG AND BONE (new pictures!)

    Gas Baby,................., some crazy stuff, but some of it looks non functional, art for art's sake, or ????
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    Street Rod Hawthorne (Which tires look best?)

    Red, it gives the bike a real nostalgic look with the heavy 120 guage spoked rims, plus the color offset really catches the eye, enhh whities are ok....fer the wifes bike, leave the bricks on, it make the old fella look "TUFF!!" MercuryMan
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    My Rat Rod

    Love the beautiful clean lines and the color offset between the orange and black is siiiiiiiiiick. well done man !! MercuryMan
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    monark gold coaster----help

    BSB, man lots of fun stuff to work on in that pile, looks like some really classic projects hiding behind some o'that rust. good on ya'. mercuryman
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    New guy, Central Cal.

    NG, welcome brother, what's up from Hanford Cali, me and Santiago both belong to Central Cali Cruisers bike club out of Fresno. MercuryMan
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    YIPPY !! Bikes, Bikes Bikes !!!!! WAHoooooooo

    Wingnut, I'm in central valley cali, if you need any parts for old schwinn cruisers, email me. . Mercuryman
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    Hello from the Central Coast!

    OC , hey Brother, i'm out in the Central velly cali, need stuff, specially Schwinn stuff, lemme know. Welcome MercuryMan
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    Wife's Bike

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    Central Cali Cruisers with Cam Twisters in Fresno

    MARK MAN, hey I'll be there, and I'll bring my dues at the same time, something about sending them through the mail kinda bugs me. Anyway , sweet, I'd be glad to help set up, just tell me when and where and I'll be there. Is this gonna be an all day thing, cause maybe I should pack the big...
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    man, it's not who wins or loses, ALL the bikes are like art in my eyes, these are peoples imaginations, skills and talent taking in some cases what might have been a pile of scrap metal and turning it quite honestly into a form of ART, on top of that it doubles as way wicked transportation that...
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    1952 Schwinn Hornet - I put a fork in it this afternoon

    This is why I am so Addicted to SCHWINNS, They just have the most CLASSIC lines.!!
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    Central Cali Cruisers at 1st Annual Car & Bike Show Fresno

    Hey Chi-town , birthplace of the mighty mighty SCHWINN. Brandon, yeah it's a pretty diverse group with just about every type of custom/garage/rat bike represented, and like everyone on RRB, everyone here in Fresburg is really cool, laid back, and willing to go out of there way to help one...
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    OK guys...Lets see some cool bike art

    OUCH MY RETINA'S, I think I pulled a muscle in my brain looking at those squiggly line ........drawings? MERCURYMAN
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    Merc and Pamalama will be there!