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    Cool 8) 8) 8)
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    Thanks guys
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    Thanks bud.. I could use it!!
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    Hello evryone. Never sold the bikes, they're safe in storage. Lifes been a bit of a bummer since my last post. Moved into a small apt. Lost my Dad on Dec 18. Bankruptcy and divorce. Don't have space to build anymore. Not too sure what I'm gonna do.. miss you all.
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    "Jr Rat" "Done?"

    Re: "Jr Rat" New Project oooooo...this is gonna be good!!!! :D :D :D
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    Markm's Frame

    just takin a little unplanned break... :|
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    Trinidad Colorado New Chainring

    Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike Done! SWEEEEEEEET!!!!
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    Name plate removal/install

    they're just screws....a small screwdriver will get 'em out
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    Coast King

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    When is there too Much Patina?

    try a Mr. Clean magic eraser. Wet it with water first....those things are pretty incredible! It may dull the paint some, but wax should bring it back.
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    New Guy From Chicago

    welcome :mrgreen:
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    Hey All

    welcome :mrgreen:
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    Another Adopted Newbie

    welcome :mrgreen:
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    newbie from the UK

    welcome :mrgreen: