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    Help Identifying These Parts

    That's what I suspected but the bars didn't seem to have enough rise. Thanks, off they come :)
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    Help Identifying These Parts

    A good friend gave me a 1998 Schwinn S-20 mountain bike. I've never owned or ridden a Mtb. Consequently I do not know what these empty brackets on the bars would have held. There is a pair and they are inside of everything else.
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    How do I clean out a rusty seat tube?

    Steel tube is a great idea.
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    How do I clean out a rusty seat tube?

    I found something on Instructables. Difference is this guy uses aluminum rod. Now I know they are called flap sanders.
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    Tire Liners?

    I've gone a decade or more without any on the road flats. Now in the last week I have punctured a tube twice. I think it is because the County has been deploying bat wing mowers in some of the neighborhoods cutting brush and leaving little sharp wood chips on the road. Not finding nails or...
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    How do I clean out a rusty seat tube?

    I slot a dowel rod length ways about 1" from the end. Then insert a strip of sand paper rolled in the direction of my drills rotation (actually emery cloth might be better). Next I chuck that up and put it in the tube running it up and down. I have been thinking about getting an automotive...
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    Assembly after Paint..

    Lacquer cures quicker than enamel. Like stated above lower humidity and warmer temps. expedite curing. Good conditions I can carefully assemble in 3 days (enamel).
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    Bicycling in Complete Safety

    Did anyone notice Bobby makes a left turn hand signal and turns right (with the praise of the narrator) at 3:20. Have hand signals changed since the 1930?
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    Homemade Tools

    I know the bike sites say to use a stand but I don't have room to store one. Here is what I do for occasional work like chain work, servicing the bottom bracket and etc. I made this from aluminum flat bar and angle stock. Looking back a piece of 1/4" plywood bolted in the center would be just...
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    I have seen those 59 Caddy bullet lens taillights fairly cheap on ebay. Often wondered about cutting one down and using it in some housing on the rear of a bike. Your Bike is genius.
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    Homemade Tools

    I made this tool for the non-drive side cone on bottom brackets. It has worked for me many times. It was made by cutting down two Schlage lock tools and bolting them together to swivel. (The lower picture of original Schlage tool. They come with the locks so they pile up fast.
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    Ode to the Bottom Bracket

    I agree.
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    Oil based spray paint

    I used Rustoleum black sandable automotive primer and Rustoleum satin Canyon Black. Results were not factory but they were good. It is the bike in the Swamp Tiki thread.