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    Tajik women rejecting local taboos – on their bikes Go girls go!
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    ElMacho by Remco van der Heijden

    Found this awesome bike built by: Remco van der Heijden in the Netherlands for sale here:
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    Nexus 3 Speed issues

    I suppose you have the cable adjusted properly? You could try taking it apart: Another option is to replace the whole inside of the hub..
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    Great bikes, everyones a winner, and won a cool bike. You cant compare apples to pears like we say in the netherlands, but since i have to choose i am voting for the ones i would like to have/ride..
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    Finished Lady Snake

    My objectives for this bike were minimalism, (also for practical reasons) sturdiness, light of weight, comfort and of course style. I hope to have, at least partly, succeeded in achieving these goals. Cheers!!
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    Lady Snake

    Finished for now. New wheelset, grips and cable, the other wheelset was too crooked and inferior to straighten out, i messed up cutting the grips for the switcher, and cut the cable too short. With these issues fixed i present thee without further ado: Lady Snake. Thanx for the comments...
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    Lady Snake

    Fenders and rack on: Almost finished:
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    Lady Snake

    Thanks a lot everyone for the support. Put the thing together minus rack, fenders and chainguard and covered the decals with a snakeskinpattern: I made the snakeskin pattern in photoshop, printed it out on A4 stickerpaper in greytone, cut it on size, applied it on the frame, and covered it...
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    Lady Snake

    Still missing a chainguard and headlight: Put wheels, fork and kickstand in: Mock up:
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    Lady Snake

    This will be a new bike for my girlfriend who does a lot of cycling for her job. I want to turn this: into something like this: (sort off). The bike will have 26 inch wheel instead of 28, and a slightly longer fork for a more laid back geometry. The original decals will be covered with...
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    Alternative De-rusting Agent?
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    Lets Talk Stretch Value

    The advantages of stretched frames for me are: Lower center of mass = more stability, less drag. Longer wheelbase = more momentum. Being able to easily get my feet on the ground. More comfortable placement of pressure-points. Being a longboard-skateboarder, i like the feeling of steering with...
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    Show off your Chrome frame bike!

    Sold this one:
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    The Rail 7

    How about some vinegar custard? (do not breath in boiling vinegar!)
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    phillipine bicycleculture

    Hi Joe, i don,t see any photos..?