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    Bleu Cheese

    May I ask what you are using to degrease these? Beautiful bike BTW!
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    A beautiful Sunday afternoon! Spent about an hour wet sanding, wiping down with vinegar from time to time. This seems to have progressed more smoothly than my work on the forks last week.
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    I made a little progress. I should have disassembled this first. i am a slacker tday. You see the dark area on the top part? i couldn't seem to get though this. I kind of like the look of some bare metal with patches of layered color showing. I gave up for the day, rubbed it down with penetrant...
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    I am hoping they clean up well. I have another set with more of a street tread (and pie crust) that i may use instead. The knobbies are speaking to me though!
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    Started sanding and wire brushing. Wet sanding sponge and brass brush. Photos before...
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    Thanks for the info. I'm almost as nervous about filing the axles, but would rather do damage there than on the fork. The plan for now is to try working with the old steel wheelsets i have. Some of these might be in reasonable shape after all... and hopefully I can avoid filing all together.
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    Thanks! I may try filing the axle. The rear seems to fitjust fine. This is the second snag I've run into with the shockmaster fork.
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    New acquisition: Sun Retro 24-inch

    You definitely hit that seatpost with the pimento!
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    I figure I'll start a build thread: Mid-40's Huffman frame Shockmaster fork 60's crank and chainwheel (for now... Huffy or similar) Saddle I found on a space liner frame These modern aluminum wheels may have to go. Front axle is too big for the dropouts. There are a few older wheel sets...
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    ... clean grease and grime off of hands.

    I have used olive oil and sugar for this. A small amount of each in the palm, turn on the tap (warm), lightly work the mixture together while rubbing away the grime. rinse off in the water.
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    Shorten a steer tube

    Sounds like a plan! I'd be going from 6 3/4" to 6 3/8". Looks like removing 3/8" leaves plenty of thread. Thanks! ... of course I plan to measure a few more times before cutting. Seems like this could be done with spacers as well?
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    Shorten a steer tube

    I have a number of front forks lying around here. These are aperfect fit for my 60's frames, but when I sized one of these up for my 40's Huffman it was too long. I am no fabricator. Is there a way to remove the steer tube from the fork, saw off to the desired length, and reattatch?
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    Has anyone made a bike out of unwanted spare parts?

    "Randy Gobbler" is my daily rider. Frame was part of a someone's dilapidated "rebuild" I purchased for ten's of dollars. Parts just landed here, you know how it goes. New Aluminum wheels and tires though! Even has a bad tattoo from it's past life!
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    Raydarlux Space Cadet

    Like someone took 7 of the best kinds of "cool" and made an even cooler "cool".
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    Old chain rehab

    I should add... the evening following the vinegar rinse, water rinse, and drying in the sun, I placed the chain in a freezer bag and sprayed in some "chain and cable lube- anti-sling penetrant". Have not touch it since.