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    Nicely done everyone, maybe next year I'll join in the fun again!
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    SpaceLiner: DevilWing - build completed.

    There's a long story about what happened to this bike after I sold it to Skip. It was in a hurricane on Cape Cod, then looted from the storm-destroyed house, then found randomly being ridden around in New Haven. They were able to get it back and I guess it's been handed around between the New...
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    Can't go wrong with that combo of frame and tires! Nicely done!
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    Pee Wee Herman Bike for Sale!

    it's been a while since I've hung around the forums, but I came back to see if anyone else had debunked this yet... I did a close examination of the parts of both bicycles, and I came to this conclusion: peewee bike auction debunked by Joey Mac, on Flickr
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    My 24" SpaceLiner, (The StarFighter) up for grabs!

    Thanks Rat Rod, I will take that under advisement.
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    My 24" SpaceLiner, (The StarFighter) up for grabs!

    I will be selling this bike in the Austin, TX area. I will post in the FOR SALE section, assuming that I don't break one of the new rules and get my post automatically deleted. But here's a heads-up for all those interested.
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    Devilwing Stolen then FOUND!!!!!!!! <info last page>

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Devilwing Stolen then FOUND!!!!!!!! <info last page>

    Re: Devilwing Stolen!!! <info last page> :(
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    WE HAVE A WINNER - thatismytruck -vs- ifitsfreeitsforme

    Re: VOTING TIME - thatismytruck -vs- ifitsfreeitsforme Those are Both awesome, and I wish I had been there to cruise with you two and help take riding pictures :) Well done all around, I'll drink a beer in honor of both of you. So, two beers. *burp* I hate to choose...
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    hmmm... build-off, you say? 8)
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    Cruisin in Austin

    awesome pics! that bike looks sweet, I bet even in Austin that still blew some minds. thanks for sharing.
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    *** MAXXIMUM FLOW ***

    you always have the best parts, Jon. show me where the secret texas awesome bike parts store is. ;) nice job as always!
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    Larry, this is sweeeet. Wish I could have had a chance to ride it myself! Your bend forks get lower and lower every time! keep it up! or down! ;)
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    -★- Ground Zero -★-

    Nice Job Rob! Sorry I never got to see it in person!
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    '35 silverking ... kinda

    love the look of this :)