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    Pulled this out of the scrap yard

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    1994 Marin Palisades Trail MTB

    If you go to Marin County (by san francisco bay area), they are EVERYWHERE. Based on this craiglist add, the bike is worth over $700 (sarcasm):
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    Rollfast Trade and a Bridgestone MB-6

    Traded my Lowrider for a Rollfast in parts tires and wheels are good w/ some gumwall Uniroyals and a single band bendix. I think everything is there, so it should be an EASY build. Also bought a not-so-ratty MB-6. I think it's a 94?
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    Firestone Special Cruiser

    so jealous...
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    This week...

    Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo. Not in the best of shape, but I couldn't pass it up for the Price. Trek 8700 in AMAZING shape. I don't think this thing has ever even been off road Centurion Comp TA
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    Trek 8700 Goodwill Find

    Re: Treck 8700 Goodwill Find I'm just over 6', so it is perfect. I sold a few other bikes and made some good money and room in the bike shed (also some much needed leverage against the wife on keeping another bike), so I'm gonna hold onto the 8700!
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    Trek 8700 Goodwill Find

    Who drops this off at Goodwill? Oh well, I got to steal it for $99. I really didn't want to drop a hundred bucks at G-dub, but I really didn't have a choice! Now I got to decide whether to sell my cheap MTBs and keep the Trek or turn a quick profit on the Trek...?
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    Father-in-law xmas presents

    I've cleaned off the frame and tried some 0000 pads, but the pads only get off about 90% of the rust; the remaining rust are still surface rust, because I can scrape off with a knife or fingernail. The chrome looks great around the bad spots but I don't want to rub the 0000 too much. Would...
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    Lugged Magna?

    obviously new Magna bikes are mostly big box store junk, but what is the story on this old Magna? I snagged it up at goodwill, because it was ready to ride at $15, but is it anything special? Was Magna a respectable bike during these days? Serial is "40304923" before paint and a "2" after paint...
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    Father-in-law xmas presents

    got to talking to the father-in-law about bikes, and got some unwrapped presents in the form of a project. Single red band Bendix (I think that is a good thing?). He also has a complete Columbia Thunderbolt that he says I can have on another trip when I have the trunk space, but I would feel bad...
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    Ideas for a 90's Trek 820 Mountain Bike

    I always see super cheap, nice MTBs going for cheap and I've always thought about doing a similar build. You think a 700c laced to a coaster would fit? that would be something different. I like the idea of some fat tires, so you could use on the road at high pressure or off road at low pressure...
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    Help with a leather tool bag

    Thanks for all the feedback! Jerry, How do you like the design of the fox leather bag? How's the functionality? I might just have to order one of those bags to check it out.
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    Help with a leather tool bag

    I am looking to make vintage-style leather tool bag, but I can't seem to find good enough pictures to understand how the straps work. Can anybody help me out by sending/posting a picture of the backside of their vintage tool bag? If you have an old beat up tool bag sitting around, we can also...
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    How To Ship a Bike (Please read and contribute)

    My local shipping shop showed me pictures of some road bikes that they had shipped. They did not even use a box. They just bubble wrapped the heck out of the whole bike and shipped them whole with some small parts like the pedals removed. Is there any reason why that doesn't work? Especially...
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    Another Schwinn

    ! lolz on the tire holding air!