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    Schwinn True Torch Hybrid

    Hanging out to see it.
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    Nirve C1 Beer runner

    Thanks Mate. The Nirve looks a million bucks but owes me about $60 and a few bits i had off other bikes i’ve parted out. If it went missing i’d be piss’d off but i havent put much into it in dollars. Photos of my fleet attached. Vintage usa bikes are non existent downunder so i treasure them...
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    My new to me Felt Iron Cross 400

    No worries mate. I think the size you need is 88. if you cant find one at your lbs try ebay. I got one recently.
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    Nirve C1 Beer runner

    Will have to make a dash for it if i hear a cordless grinder...........
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    Help/Info on Repro I just picked up.....

    Sweet ride. Those tires will add some “hollywood” to it.
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    Nirve C1 Beer runner

    All of my bikes are too nice to park at the local shops even if locked so i needed to find a cheap cool ride. I was lucky to pick up this bargain Nirve C1 this week from a seaside town. Fair bit of corrosion on the spokes and chain and in desperate need of a service. I cleaned and greased all...
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    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Hi Vis model!!! sweet
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    Roadmaster Tribute Bike

    You’re maturing like a fine wine mate.
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    Roadmaster Tribute Bike

    Thanks mate.
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    Roadmaster Tribute Bike

    Thanks Verrt. I’ve left the Typhoons on it for now. The ladies of the house prefer them and the vintage look has grown on me.
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    New guy from Nor Cal

    Welcome. Lots of fun to be had here.
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    My new to me Felt Iron Cross 400

    Very cool bike. To set the nexus 3, put it in second and turn the adjuster on the bell crank until you see the thick yellow line between the 2 thin ones. Check there aren’t any additional washers placed on the axle as this will add clearance between the pushrod and bell crank. Lastly ensure it...
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    Specialized 1999 Crossroads Sport

    Looking real good.
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    Painted my Chrome bars

    I’ve found the most durable rattle can paint is the heat proof engine stuff. i use vht. I’ve painted alot of things including a stainless handlebar recently without priming. Dries quickly too and great finish. 10 years ago i restored a 67 mustang with the deluxe interior. I had the chrome...
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    Matti Scores!!

    Happy Birthday mate.