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    What is the worst bike that you own?

    I was thinking of the Izumi Super Toughness chain.
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    What is the worst bike that you own?

    I know that Izumi chains are EXTREMELY expensive. Can you have gotten a cheaper chain that has a similar performance?
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    What have you been riding lately?

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    Gravel bikes

    Bum bars
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    New project

    This is gonna be cool.
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    A few more pics of Nishiki and Azuki bikes that I have seen at the co op.
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    Interesting stem shifters.

    I saw this weird stem shifters. They say Shimano stick shifters, but when I Google searched them, I get a different result. Found these on a 70s Azuki 10 speed. Wheb I Google search for them, the only results are shifters similar to these, which I have seen on quite a few bikes and they...
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    Any info/thoughts on this quill stem?

    Looks like a Sakae Custom stem that is rebranded as Raleigh. Most road bikes from the 1980s had them.
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    Tetanus Shot Tuesday

    The bime co op has 2 really rusty skip tooth bicycles.
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    Show Me Your Beater Bike

    This is a cheap road bike that I take on dirt trails a lot. It's a frankenbike for sure.
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    Has anyone made a bike out of unwanted spare parts?

    Currently have one in the works right now that I've been slowly piecing together with spare parts. It is an old Miyata with a broken derailleur hanger. Is mostly finished.
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    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    Here is one that I decided to fix for someone.
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    It is way too small for me. It is a 36cm frame.
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    You can take the chain off that thing without using a chain tool. Great for belt drive conversions.