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    I see posts on here on problems you guys have when fork tube is too long. Here is a solution. Measure the tube and see how much too long it is. 1 1/4'' Black iron gas pipe without a seam on the inside will slide right over the tube so all you have to do is cut a piece the length that you...
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    Frank N. Stine - updated pics 7-2-08

    Re: major surgery may be necessary dont touch the tube. cut a piece of 1 1/4'' black gas pipe the length you need, remove the lower bearing race, slide the pipe on the tube and p;ut the bearing race on and you are good to go. you still have a good fork. a plumbing shop will cut one for you...
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    Escaped Convict (Done)

    bike Its a post war Schwinn DX
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    A bike for the wife-1950 Schwinn Hollywood

    my mistake i didnt realize the hollywood had the headlite. i could be the Hollywood. Very hard to find one of those especially in that condition. Gr8 find. Bob Keep it nice it will be a great family heirloom.
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    A bike for the wife-1950 Schwinn Hollywood

    hi, the post tube is backwards. schwinn didnt make a hollywood with the fenders like this bike, its a mate to a boys autocycle. only top of the line bikes had the fender with built in headlight and flares on both front and rear. nice bike and its worth a bunch. if the serial number is on the...
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    java is a program on your computer so you can play games and probably has something to do with this program.
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    Trashman Trike-new pic 10/10

    I would like to see a pic of the trike from Pontiac Motors. I have one from Allis-Chalmers called a Mule that is very heavy and have been trying to find any pics (especially the baskets) so i could bring it back to life
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    Latest Project

    your bike is a postwar DX with a monark sprocket. 39 had rear dropouts with chain adjusters and didn't have tabs for the chainguard. if you post serial number i will tell you what year it is.
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    Hooch chasing bike Looks like a bike finally got away from Hooch. :lol:
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    Straight Schwinnister!

    I have that same frame in a 20'', 24'', and 26'' different years.
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    1930's Elgin

    take the bolt all the way out of the post and when the post gets to the cross bar it will slide over it.
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    :idea: if you want to use that fork on another frame cut a piece of 1 1/4'' black gas pipe and it will slide right over the fork tube, cut it to the length you need for a spacer, put it on below the bearing race and problem solved. btw some cheap pipe has a seam on the inside make sure the pipe...