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    Unofficial March Shootout II 2020 VOTE HERE!

    Looks like a draw to me...
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    Login issues

    Thanks for that. Yes, I think that was indeed the problem. I hadn't noticed the lack of s. Glen.
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    Login issues

    I'm on a mac with firefox.
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    Login issues

    I'm having this same problem. I always stayed logged in but recently I've had to log in with every visit. Has the site changed in any way? Anyone else having this issue? It's not really a big deal, just wondering if I'm the only one it's happening to. Any ideas on why it might be happening...
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    Thread lockdown at finish.

    Wow... that was quick, Luke... well done. Glen.
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    Thread lockdown at finish.

    Luke, if you want any help with the voting threads, sing out. Glen.
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    RRBBO14 Prize Pool

    The Slow Poke Award: “Slow and steady wins the race” says the old proverb. Well, @The Renaissance Man has proven that this year with his winning entry, ’Blackbird’. He was the first to upload in class 1 ‘Build Journals’ and the last to upload in class 1 ‘Finished Bikes’ before the deadline…...
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    Winter build off?

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    Countdown to Build Off 14 End...

    I’m not sure if anyone else did one of these but just in case, here’s a countdown clock to the end of Build Off 14. Click on the link... Good luck to all builders. Glen. EDIT: @Rat Rod Hope I got the time right, I used USA Central Time. If it's wrong...
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    Will do. I've jumped the gun and already started making the list. I found it quite easy when I helped last time. @kingfish254 Message me what help you want. Glen.
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    If nobody has been found yet to do this I will help. I think I know what's involved as I have helped you in past build offs. Glen.
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    Me too. It's great when someone else does the work and we can just watch. :nerd: Glen.
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    LITTLE TOAD! RRBBO#14 Class 2. I'm out. :(

    That sounds all a bit stressful initially but it's great the way it's working out. I know the stress involved with moving. I recently moved myself and the place here was a bit smelly too. Musty dampness... better now though. My car got rear ended at the end of the move and was written off, so...
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    RRBBO14 Prize Pool

    It was me here in New Zealand and I appreciated it very much. They'll go on a bike one day :nod: For shipping prize items, also be aware that some countries need the recipient to pay taxes and what not, so the person might have to pay something to get the prize. Another thing is if the item...
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    Italian job.

    Looks like the same colour as Retroped, my WBO 2018 entry... I think yours will be a bit classier though, since it's Italian. Glen.