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    A quick search for Gallagher’s bike came up with nothing, surprisingly. How did he balance his? Was it a three-wheeler? Regardless, I don’t recall this being undertaken around here before, should be a hoot. You’re the one to pull it off, too. furyus
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    Am I about to bend the rules to far?

    There are no judges and it is a popularity contest. Everyone is adamant that they don’t care about votes but that voting must be loose enough so that everyone goes home with at least one. If you’re worried that Class 2 will eat your lunch, trust me, Class 1 will eat it too. Just build a bike...
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    So one up Gallagher. Door on each side for balance. May need lateral stabilizers (training wheels) for that, though. Rock on, Carl. furyus
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    Quiver of Handlebars

    Quiver is getting light. #3 and #5 remain for sale. furyus
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    Mr. Rat, my first ratrod

    Rare talent. Outstanding. furyus
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    Blue bike

    I choose the Bultaco. furyus
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    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    Great series of process pics, King. furyus
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    Great name. Funny memory. Hope you can pull this one off. furyus
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    Quiver of Handlebars

    Don’t think so, OJ, but might stumble across something. I’ll ping if I do.
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    SOLD Cruddy Fork

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    SOLD Cruddy Fork

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    SOLD 1939 Mesinger Schwinn World Leather Seat

    Rare condition example. Leather in very nice condition, with treatment would be very serviceable. OG paint and light corrosion underneath can be preserved into a sweet survivor seat. Frame looks straight, no cracking around rivets. 11” long by 7 1/2” wide. Hate letting this one go, but you enjoy...
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    SOLD Cruddy Fork

    Probably Hawthorne, possibly pre-war. Suspect 26” wheel fitment, 28” would be tight. Steering neck slightly bent, by design or by accident. Ghostly splashes of a blue or green paint, barely. Solid and crusty at the same time, which we all know is a feature not a fault. $50 shipped to the Lower...
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    Quiver of Handlebars

    SOLD 1) very rare 1977 Schwinn Runabout touring bars, flat and narrow $50 shipped SOLD 2) Torrington bars, original black, possibly off a juvenile bike but sweet shorty geo $50 shipped 3) Schwinn MX, short but a mellow pull-back, OG paint and primer, probably from the 70’s $60 shipped SOLD 4)...