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    37 CCM

    I lived for 20 years in my grandparent's house...i've always been fascinated by one of my late grandfather's friend, Mr.Roof...He used to tell me he had the same bike since his childhood, raced the bike and bla bla bla...At age 85, everyday he took the bike for a ride until disease struck, he...
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    Back in action!

    Back in action!
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    Winter Bike

    No holds long as we can keep the cool bike thing going all year long....
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    Winter Bike

    Of course...i was talking about a winter with truckloads of snow...not a Texas winter...Snowbike buildoff!!!
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    Winter Bike

    Hey about a winter bike build-off...i live in Quebec and i just can't stop riding. i'm gonna build a bike for the hard winters we have here and believe me it's gonna go far beyond the studded tires...just join in if you're interested...i'm gonna post pictures pretty soon. if we all...
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    Humphrey Olympic

    I'm too late for the build-off anyways, i broke a couple of rules...but i figured you might want to see the final bike... more photos later...
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    1939 CCM

    Sorry...but i found an Imperial GT with the serial number K795132...on the chart it would be a 1927, but all the imperials i've found with the same chainguard and frame shape are from 67-68 and 69...maybe they restarted the serial# has 5 numbers on your list and 6 on my serial...
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    week-end quickie

    Found this bike on friday and decided to spend the weekend giving it a little's a CCM Imperial GT has 28 inches coaster brake in the rear and a 26 in the front...I simply painted it and i dropped the cost 0$'s fast and fun!!! Old brokks seat i had...
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    Humphrey Olympic

    early will have the final welding and the final pieces fittes tomorrow...gonna be one heck of a low-rider-rat-mean-drag bike...
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    Humphrey Olympic

    I did'nt intend to break the rules...or the bike...hahaha...but it happens sometimes. Sorry about that! I just don't know how to move this to the Builds category...Bur if anyone wants to see the finished bike...just enjoy yourselves and don't vote for me...Might be out of contest but might also...
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    Baby rod

    It's a 12' bike i made for my niece about 3 years was painted pink and i had a huge surprise when i stripped i made the flashiest little girl bike ever...good thing is that the bike came back to my place this week, so i will be able to make an other little girl...
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    Humphrey Olympic

    I've been working hard this week...had to find dropouts for the new rear section of the bike...found them on an old GT it's mock-up time and welding on monday... Turned out to be a buildoff is full of surprise....... 3 inches tires
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    Humphrey Olympic

    Not to put a damper on your rebuild, but I think that would qualify as major frame modification. I would just keep the stock dimensions so that no one has a fuss about it.[/quote I don't mind, as long as it rides on that monster tire...won't even need a stand!!! hahaha...You want Rat, i'll give...
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    Humphrey Olympic

    I got rid of the back 28 to fit it to a more casual standard 26...those coaster brakes are getting better fit it to the Cool size...and suffer the mess of fitting them...Fat is cool (except for ladies bottoms and guys bellys...)
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    Showin' off the Rust..

    How about a rusty and slaughtered one??? Unknown frame, beaten till it looks cool, choppend 5 inches beneath the seat, welded , thrown in a campfire and rebuild as the coolest bike ever...with 3 speeds and coolest seat ever...