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    How about a thread for nothing but 62 straightbars?

    Heres my entry...
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    In fact the chainguard is back on it. The original parts show their age, but are not completely thrashed. Here is a pic before the transition
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    So if anyone out there has either a really nice Epiphone Les Paul, or a lower end Gibson Les Paul or SG, firebird or flying V they would like to trade for some bikes, hit me up. The first bike is the 72 Schwinn Strandie BMX cruiser, the second one is Nanner slap, and the 3rd is my 54 Schwinn...
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    NANNER SLAP IS FOR SALE $175 + shipping

    guess Ill look into it. I got a little crazy picking up whatever bikes I could find and ended up w ten of them, so now im only keeping 5 of them...i really need to free up some space here at my house but my geetars are stayin!!!:rockout::rockout::rockout: with that said, id trade a couple of...
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    NANNER SLAP IS FOR SALE $175 + shipping

    I dont even know what it costs to ship a bike. And as far as the locals, theres no bike culture here in Sarasota, and cruisers are a dime a dozen...of course those are all the cheap huffys and wal mart stuff. Most people here dont know the difference.:39:
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    NANNER SLAP IS FOR SALE $175 + shipping

    Y'all think thats a fair price??
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    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Jeez...these pics make me so bike culture here in Sarasota. anyway, heres a few pics of some of my rides...
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    '72 Schwinn "strandie" $450 + shipping

    26" Chicago Schwinn frame, earth cruiser forks, arai aluminum rims, new tires, dia compe brake, freewheel, bear trap pedals, black ops dawg bars, SE seat, stock seat post, very fast and agile bike. All re-greased and rolls real smooth. No rattles or jingles.
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    Nice shape Schwinn Corvette. 1954, "bomber" style. Coaster rear, vintage caliper front. $250 + shipping...$350 if you want all the original 3 speed parts: chrome wheels, fenders, brakes, etc...
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    NANNER SLAP IS FOR SALE $175 + shipping

    80s Jamis cruiser. New tires & grips, all re-greased and polished. Xlnt condition. Chrome is in rally nice shape
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    What about YELLOW bikes?!

    These are the stock Jamis bars
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    62 Typhoon straightbar

    Finally had time to finish it. Landing gears, Arai 26" aluminum wheels w coaster brake, original cranks, Wald bars, brooks copy, (best $50 copy I have ever seen) ACS layback post
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    What about YELLOW bikes?!

    "NANNER SLAP" 80s earth cruiser
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    Pics from vintage BMX show, Eugene OR

    Does anyone remember a bike called a DRP...(Delta Racing Products?) My buddy Billy Fikse had one...he was FAST. Bike weighed like 18lbs. Had a bullhide seat, drilled cranks, 100% aluminum bike.