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    Swing-ee Thing-ee Ree-visited

    Finally got a couple of hours to do this mod- I like how it came out! Cut 'er off, then just clamped it up to get an idea of the stance better fit= easier
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    Swing-ee Thing-ee Ree-visited

    Completed mod- re-build starts below this is how i built the bike years back, but i have been looking at the "real" swing bike and I am gonna update mine note the small (12.5") front wheel, angled head/butt and banana seat - I m doin all that got the little wheel, gonna rake that head next
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    Voted! And congrats to the leaders, they are great builds! Actually, there are a lot of great builds, and finishing one is a feat in itself, so good job on finishing I am surprised that my favorite(s) are not leading, but then again... did I mention Bon scott from AC/DC is my favorite...
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    Just voted, waited til the end Even more than any particular bike, I like the spirit of particiation here at RRB, and that people DO to their level of ability, as skills and tooling permit. This is an interesting thread! I both get @SILVERKINGPC 's comment(s) AND people's reactions to it...
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    Woke to 90 nph wind then...

    At least it fell away from th house!
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    More NOS frames from the dump.

    Oh. man! that is so cool! What an amazing starting point for whatever happens next!
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    Building headstock, yokes, etc from scratch

    Haha, my bad Karl! I am makin' fun of myself, I am bound to wind up doin' the very thing I thought I would not do I think this will be an awesome build, steel is good, free steel better still (availabilty is still good), and your planning makes me wish I would remember to do some! Good luck...
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    Fantastic New Guy

    Welcome and have fun Pictures, pictures....
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    Building headstock, yokes, etc from scratch

    Somehow square just feels "wrong" to me on bikes, tho i agree with the rotated comment So now i will, obviously, be building a square tube bike (too) in the near future! haha! Thanks HP, N13, & Karl !
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    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    Reeeeeeeallly. I had not noticed... /s
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    Building headstock, yokes, etc from scratch

    Agree for sure and N13's idea for one of these < pulling one of these > on either (diagonal) side of a square tube sounds like a winner to me - if the assembly "slips" you can adjust curb height at run-time, (then cut off the top- but your design/measurements are obviously thought out) if it...
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    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    Hey! Are you married to my wife? ! ?
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    Don't tell my 3 orthopedic surgeons I am here...

    Hello and welcome! Your detailed story, helps to understand your goals and reasoning/requirements- I will jump in to with a couple o' thoughts there is a type of pedal called "bare foot" pedals that might work- but may only fit single piece cranks or I once made some smooth pedals by...
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    Pics of my LocoJoe EZ Cantilever frame chop

    Thanks LocoJoe! It is a fun little tweak, and I appreciate you sharing it. Once I saw it, I knew I had to try it. It is a great model, and I see myself using in the future