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    My random finds

    No clue what these two are, washed the mud off but haven’t started looking for info yet. They were going too the scraper so I couldn’t pass on them!
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    BO15 Once again.

    Got this project done so back to the bike. What’s the recommended gauge of steel to build an insert? It will just be a flat panel but I don’t want it too thin and all I have handy is some 18 gauge.
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    BO15 Once again.

    It’s not done per say but I’ve been busy between work and the engine swap in my car, but this thing rides so much better then The spaceliner I have way more invested in so I’ve been riding it too save on gas! Big block truck gets a stellar 7mpg in town. hopefully the car is done next week and I...
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    BO15 Hey “IKG”

    i love spaceliners. looks like a fantastic plan
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    BO15 Senseless (Formerly MS-Rat etc etc)

    i sold my coppertone frame because im not a big scwhinn guy, then i built it for the friend who purchased it and i must say with just a good scrub it shined up pretty nice on the paint that was left! so you have a cool color and your building something with a bmx look. ill certainly follow along.
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    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    man i kill a tub of grease like that about every 2 years, but i also repack the wheel bearings on my car every spring. i love anything strandie/klunker style. ive always been partial to cantilever frames but this looks really clean. should be pretty light too!
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    BO15 Grammaw Patina Bike

    ive used cheap wheels off bikes like that several times. as long as you arent planning to curb hob and dont mind rebuilding/greasing the hubs they hold up fine. my prefrence is huffy good vibrations to rob for wheels but one of my bikes has some cheapies off a next and its been fine
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    BO15 Once again.

    After work and some chores for the wife I decided to take advantage of the weather and go for a proper ride. It rides better then anything I’ve ever taken out for the first time! The bad news is this frame may be too long for me in this style build. I’ll figure that out after the build off.
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    BO15 Once again.

    Took it for a short shake down ride after fixing the crankset with a cone nut that fit these bearings properly. Ended up having to ditch the aluminum pedals as one of them is shot. Not sure what this sprocket came from but out of my stack it’s currently the winner. next up is figuring out an...
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    BO15 Skyrider AKA "The American Gentleman"

    A bit of both, but I’m building them too keep normally so I want it the way I want to ride it. The few I’ve sold I’ve broken even in but no real profit!
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    BO15 Wifey’s Wheels

    Best thing I ever did for my hobby was build my wife the spaceliner she wanted! I love the murray frames in that style
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    BO15 Once again.

    Today was a lot of back tracking. Rear tire had went flat so pulled a different tube out of the pile. Peiced together a chain from what was laying around and got the bike on the ground. Stem was too loose in the forks so it’s got a more modern stem robbed from my wife’s back up bike. Don’t tell...
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    BO15 Once again.

    Good thing I got some spoke wrenches and started to relearn when trueing, while this thing reminds me of my monark it’s not near as roomy. now for the reason the red rim was discarded is my addiction to colored tires. My wife got me these neat blue ones as part of my birthday present, every...
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    BO15 Mudd (my name is)

    the giant gusset on the head tube of this is because I still have flashbacks of eating asphalt and gravel when I broke a bike there as a kid. So I understand welding the weak spots
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    BO15 Once again.

    Since it’s still raining time for some inside hobby’s. I don’t think the red wheel is the right choice for this build, so thinking these crusty chromies. Thinking about running the aluminum front rack I had in the pile, doesn’t fit the muscle theme but I like having a rack. Mostly just trial and...