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    POST- war Huffy (Return of Tiki Time Bomb)

    Got the tank mounted. Needs some odds and ends but she rides smooth as butter. Here is a picture of the original Tiki Time Bomb for reference. It was originally built from a Huffy Panama Jack.
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    POST- war Huffy (Return of Tiki Time Bomb)

    Finished the tank!
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    POST- war Huffy (Return of Tiki Time Bomb)

    That’s what I was thinking as well. I think it has been repainted so I can’t see any serial numbers. I was going to post in the ID section as well but you saved me some time! Thanks! Either way I’m pretty happy with the find!
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    POST- war Huffy (Return of Tiki Time Bomb)

    So I picked up this one from a buddy that has told me that it’s a pre-war bike. It’s badged at a huffy with a New Departure rear coaster. I’ve been waiting to build a bike again since Tiki Time Bomb was stolen out of my garage nearly 5 years ago. Tiki Time Bomb is going to be reborn! Also making...
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    Haulers, what do you haul your bike in?

    I could have sworn I saw these bikes riding in Hilton head sc today... April 13...
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    Early 1960's Western Flyer Cosmic Flyer

    That is a beautiful ride you have there. I'm green with envy for this one. Welcome aboard. :mrgreen:
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    Not new. Just back from being incognito.

    Just got back home from doing "navy" stuff. glad to be back. Ive missed a bunch of stuff but thats what I get lol. I have to order me one of those new awesome shirts now! :mrgreen:
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    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    Ive been off doing "navy" stuff for the past some odd months. Ive missed alot it seems. BUT heres the most recent photo update.
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    Brand new Higgins color flow

    Absolutely stunning
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    Cork valve stem caps

    We left them a natural cork. His bike is navy blue and cream so the matched perfect. He was stoked so I'm happy with it.
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    Cork valve stem caps

    So I got bored sitting around the house and decided to so something creative. A buddy and myself are currently redoing his bike and what not but he has boring plastic caps.... And thus a cork valve cap was put into play. Cheap,Easy, and different. So start out with 2 smaller corks. they run...
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    hello from Afghanistan.

    Welcome from Beaufort SC. Currently stationed here at the naval hospital. As far as a springer fork you have to measure the head tube.. I'm almost positive that the huffy is a 1 inch tube. You may have to trim the for down if its too long. Best of luck and stay safe over there.
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    Huffy Big Daddy New pics!!!

    Re: Huffy Big Daddy NEW pics I added BIG APES!! My wife just picked me up that magazine randomly and I knew that bike looked like I had seen it before. Very cool!
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    TiKi Time Bomb

    Thanks man. I'm really hoping I can make it out. Waiting to see if my leave it approved.
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    70's Huffy into 30's Streamliner - Tentative name 'Aerith'

    this build is too dang cool. looks great!