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    New member from the UK.

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
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    Remember when . . .

    I remember when a local Sears had still had some "skip tooth" chain on the bottom shelf of the bike and lawn mower parts section. Man, this place is firing some pretty crusty old synapses in my head this evening. :crazy:
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    The true value of this hobby...

    Back in my tricycle days, my parents would drive second or third hand cars of that vintage until it needed ball joints or heater core, then sell it to the kid down the block for 50 bucks. Then they'd go buy another one that wasn't broke yet. My mom used to get mad at me for sitting on them and...
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    Modern tire options?

    These are pretty retro style, easy rolling 65psi wire bead balloon.
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    new to site

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
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    My new office

    Well then, you won't be needing zip ties. :comando:
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    Went to a nearby (motor) bikes and breakfast meet today.

    There were quite a few different Ducatis, maybe next time I'll take bunch of individual bike shots.
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    Went to a nearby (motor) bikes and breakfast meet today.

    Nice day. Anything from old time sidehacks to a foreign market Aprilia. My favorite of the day:
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    Rusted chain salvage.

    Good 1" pitch gets harder and harder to find every year and no one is currently making any. Last time I checked, NOS 1" chains were going for 100 bucks a pop. 1" sprockets and chain don't work with common 1/2" chain. Bikes that came with it can usually be retrofitted with common 1/2" sprockets...
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    Hi from Atlantic beach Florida

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
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    You know you have a problem with bicycles when...

    Everything except the sink.
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    Rusted chain salvage.

    How does the vinegar treatment do on chains? I've got some crusty 1" pitch Worth it? Other suggestions?
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    Rant: rim strips

    I like the fabric adhesive rim tape, it's less prone to movement and corrosion from retained moisture than the rubber strips.
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    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

    Well, the Mustang isn't mine, and the "Harley" is a Honda Shadow, but the bicycle is definitely a Schwinn. :crazy: