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    20 Incher

    Ebay has them. I bought one for my bike , when I was still running the stock carb. If you run the Dellorto SHA 15 carb, you can get a CNC "shorty" intake. (Short Offset stock carb)...
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    Bamboo Frame-Set

    Bamboo bike? Honestly never knew such a thing existed!
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    Hiawatha Heavy Duty Bike - 1948

    very nice Hiawatha!
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    That bike takes low riding to the extreme!
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    "LEFT TURN" - finished

    Man, that is definitely one of the craziest looking bikes I have ever seen! :D You got mad building skills! Seriously, nice build!
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    El Chiggins

    That bike turned out sweet!
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    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    Yeah, it does have a couple holes there, but that's it. The rest is mostly surface rust. Hopefully, I should be able to tack in some metal there. I do have the fenders, chain guard, and handlebars painted, and I want to get the frame stripped and ready.
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    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    Boy, that does look cleaner.
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    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    Hmm, never thought of an IGH. Maybe something to look into. Also, I do agree that Index shifters are easier to use. The only thing I have against the grip shifters is I feel they are too big and plasticky, just would look way too out of place. I did mock it up with a set of those, and I didn't...
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    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    As you know, I had managed to pull an old 1941 Hiawatha (Shelby Flying Cloud) bike out of the weeds in my own backyard. Well, I had been thinking some possible directions to go with it. One involved simply using 1960's schwinn pedal cranks and pieces to replace the rusted pieces. This got me...
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    I guess "3 speed" bikes are a type of road bike? the Black one is a 1968 Sears (steyer?) 3 speed, the Red one is a 1970's Columbia 5-speed.
  12. 1968 Sears  3-speed

    1968 Sears 3-speed

    Austrian Made Sears 3-speed Bicycle I bought at a swap meet. Pedals very smooth, has new tires and tubes.
  13. 1970's Columbia "Tourist V"  Women's 5- Speed.

    1970's Columbia "Tourist V" Women's 5- Speed.

    1970's Columbia 5 speed bicycle. In good shape, and pedals easily. Has "BMA/6" Sticker . Shimano 5-speed gearbox and derailleur.
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    Right in my backyard.....Literally! 1941 Hiawatha (shelby Flying Cloud )

    The only holes I have seen are those ones in the back, and the rusted out tank.