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    My bikes from the past 2 years

    I see two bikes that ended up in my shed. :D :D
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    My Second Bike - Tequila Sunrise

    Wow! I'm speechless! :o
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    check this out!!!! antique bike sale! (found on craigslist)

    Trike I not see no trike? :shock:
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    Free Breeze

    They would not give me one single penney for the damage. Said that the box was second hand and that had some thing to do with it, Who buys a new box to ship a bike anyway? :x
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    Free Breeze

    Yeah that would be my bike!!! :( :( :( :(
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    Free Breeze

    Only after they send them to the wrong place first! :roll:
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    Cool bike, by the way those are some real board track bars in the background on the first pic. :D
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    wow what a day....everything in the pic's for $200

    Yall both have a problem, send the Schwinn with the springer my way and I will not charge you a dime to take it. Maybe it will solve all your problems with the bikes crowding around you. :D :D
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    How to Straighten a Bent Fork?

    Turn fork around backwards and snug the stem, sit on seat hold on good and hit a large unmovable object enough times untill straight. Also take and post a video of this. :D :D :D But really I hold them in a large vise and put a pipe over them up to were I want them to bend and PULL. Some...
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    Phantom, I finally got one

    Just when you thought that you heard it all somebody comes up with something good. :D
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    Rat Trapped 8-8 `Update~

    I figured that you guys would like the tires I picked out.
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    Phantom, I finally got one

    Here is my latest bike, its outfitted with new fenders, new light cover, new tank, new Schwinn tires, and new S2 wheels. The frame and chain guard still carry there original paint. Some body really had fun with this bike back in the day, you should see the pedals, they have lots of asphalt rash...
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    Rat Trapped 8-8 `Update~

    Re: Rat Trapped 6/15 update Here are the new skins, and tank! The reds look alot better than the whitewalls! Now I need to do something for the fender light? :?:
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    Schwinn Aerosport

    That bike is Sweet! BTW, what kind of tires are those, they are fat!
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    Is this over the top?

    Look on Ebay, its back on, I couldnt believe it! ... dZViewItem