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    Husky HD

    Here's a really well done Husky from last year's buildoff for inspiration! Link here
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    Huffy Slither.

    See, I'm not alone
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    Huffy Slither.

    I could see some extensions out the back, a crazy fork, and some type of floating nanner seat It's got possibilities. You just have to like her for her personality
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    The anti-klunk? (Show us your urban bombers!)

    One speed, no brakes, more gas to turn :thumbsup:
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    The Gypsy Queen

    Preferred method for me would be to fill the tube with sand, heat, bend, and then cool in sand as well or oil if you want. Done it this way plenty of times I refrain from cooling any super heated metals in water
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    That looks sooooooo good
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    I'm up around Columbus pretty frequently for work. I didn't know we have a contingent in the area
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    Just popped for a Schwinn chopper; what do I need to know?

    Provided the rake and trail work out so the whole thing sits right, that would be cool
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    Campground Stroller Trike

    I like the direction we're heading :thumbsup:
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    Araya Faux-Class Wheels

    That's SUPER nice :113:
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    °°° ShowBoatin' ™ °°°

    Poor man's lathe. Drill press and a flap disk followed by some emory paper
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    I love me a good @SoulGarageOH build
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    °°° ShowBoatin' ™ °°°

    Appreciate it boss It's all good. I can handle that