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    Dodge Dart... a conversation starter

    hee hee! He may have sold it for that reason! You bein in the oven. ;) I remember him telling me it was costing him too much.
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    YARD ART in their natural state

    These are a fairly common site for me. I took this picture while walking my dog around the block.
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    Custom Stingray Krate - "Orange Peeler"

    Great idea guys! Looks Good. Hey, I know its a silly question but, that brick looks familiar. That things been laying around the shop for years hasn't it?
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    Why didn’t you guys tell me you were having a big rat rod bike build off of the 3rd revision? If I wasn’t so wrapped up in nonsensical businesses I would have remembered to vote. ;)
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    That looks great Jeremy! Nice Job. I like sleepy dogs too. :) mostly these days though cause we're living in the city.
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    66 Violet Breeze

    Hey! That was my grandma's Name.
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    New Memebr in Los Angeles California

    Perfect! Glad to see it and cant wait to show these pedestrians and cars!
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    New Memebr in Los Angeles California

    Hello Folks. I'm really enjoying all these cool bikes. I'd Like to ask if its posible to get a T-shirt with the RatRodBikes logo on the top Banner of this forum page? Bryan
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    Im not exactly sure what Im lookin at in your work in progress pics but "datapurdydawg!" I really like your motor bike. Is that street leagal? I see guys ridin those around the streets here in LA.
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    Re: THE *BOBBACHOPS* SPECIAL Wow, Jeremy! Your using expensive masking paper. you must not want any paper fibers in your paint.. :D Looking Good!