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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    Finished up most of the paint and started some assembly. First I was going to use the wheels and tires I originally bought but when they was on it didn't really like it. Sunday on the way home from the swap shop seen a yard sale sign stopped and picked up 2 20" bikes for $20 one mainly for the...
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    Looks good.
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    Got a seat in last Thursday and turnedout to be the wrong color black sent them a email and receivedone back saying a return shipping label sent. Monday received the right one blue before I even got to mail the wrong one back. It's a little lighter than the blue I sprayed the frame but will...
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    Gonna have to try that when I get around to cover a couple seats. About how long would you suggest leaving it in the hot water? And do you glue it before you put the wet leather on or after it dries?
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    ᕲᗩᗩᗩᘉᘜᘿᖇ ᖇᓰᕲᘿ

    That doesn't look comfortable to ride^^.
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    Thanks but it's not really looking like a satin more like a semi gloss not sure what I did wrong. Still like the color though.
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    Over the weekend I was able to get the frame painted satin ink blue and some parts antique white. Just using paint I had leftover from previous bikes. Ordered the seat should be here this weekend or Monday. Also picked up this set of rims and tires will be using the rims not sure on tires which...
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    After priming I give it a light sanding with like 220 then wipe down with acetone.
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    Dragst-Her Too

    I was gonna suggest another strap through the bottom around the bottom of the handle bars.
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    I just used my sander with some 36 grit sandpaper and a short piece of pipe that matched the twisted pieces by had and scuffed it up as best I could. Then hit it up with the self etching primer and hope it sticks.
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    Decided to use the low rider Springer with the twisted pieces so the reason for the name change. Scuffed up all the parts with some 35 grit and primed with some self etching primer and hanging everywhere in my shop. Need to order some new spokes for the front rim and a couple other things. Hope...
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    Fire Rat

    That chain guard is cool
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Had the Irish Springer out for a ride.
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    Twisted typhoon (name change)

    Not a lot of progress but I did manage to get the frame down to bare metal over the last couple of days. then today I was able to get it primed Noticed that the fork was bentbut with the help of my son-in-law and a one inch pipe bender slide over the steerer tube we was able to get it...