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    Allow me to reintroduce myself...

    Hey I'm Bo - it's been some time but my love of bikes is ever present. Glad to be back!
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    Long time, no talk...

    Hey, I'm Bo - used to post on here till life took a turn. Just put together my wife's new dutch step-through and thought I reintroduce myself. Glad to be back... :D
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    Already ratty rat rod

    nice, very nice
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    WICKER BASKETS? and amazon both have a nice selection for decent prices...
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    blue moon

    great job so far!
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    'Gas Pipe Special' - Finished at last :)

    I just found this... so so cool!
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    my 70's amf roadmaster

    that is one sick bike.
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    Show off your non-bike related photography

    me and my wife on adventures etc (lots of pics) on the blog she updates - I occasionally write on there:
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    So, here goes something...

    hahaha awesome.
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    So, here goes something...

    Thanks man!
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    So, here goes something...

    I went MIA. Left some rubble with inquiries and such at the time (I am very sorry dudes, you know who ya are). No excuses, just that life has just been a bit bigger than bikes. Still a hack newbie with only unfinished projects (well, one partial rebuild/rattlecan job done), but now I have a...
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    Anyone used a sealed headset for threaded 1" on a crusier?

    bump - hoping to see if there is an answer to this.
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    Anyone used a sealed headset for threaded 1" on a crusier? Any of y'all ever used one of these? I am interested in their headsets and comfort quill stem... :D Do sealed headsets work with old crusiers?
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    was sad I missed it, but my wife was really sick and I need to take care if things...oh well. You didn't see any 26x1-3.8" white or cream tires or any good saddles, did ya? :D
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    The Divining Rod

    gorgeous. I want an uncle stretch frame. :D