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    opinions wanted

    Do it :thumbsup:
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    BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (Trike-Tor Evolution)

    I think a set of tiller bars by themselves would do the trick
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    DBS....."The Best Bicycle"

    Sure would like to know how they got those bars into that stem?
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    Garry The Leprechaun Strandie

    Thanks Funkme color looks like a Hotwheels car in person just couldn't get it to come out in the photos . It's a good solid great riding bike . I'll miss it when it's gone .
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    I know what you mean In Canada we don't have a lot of the cool stuff thats in the States either and shipping is expensive here as well . Not a lot of double bar stuff I'm mostly building English style 28 inch 700C pathracer stuff with fat tires . I've never entered anything with an American...
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    Thanks for the votes and likes everyone and thanks Rat Rod for having the site and throwing the build off . Voted for 17 Builds and it was hard cutting down to that . Lots of cool stuff this year .
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    Liked this build really like the forks on this bike .
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    Garry The Leprechaun Strandie

    Thanks Kingfish I think it turned out great considering it started out as a bent frame headed for the scrap heap . I paid $25.00 for the frame crank and fork the rest I had in the parts pile and wanted to clear up some space . Will probably sell it now that its done . But it is the best riding...
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    Like this bike makes me want to do a wheelie .
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    Ankle Biter

    Really dug this build have a bunch of banana seat bikes for sale locally might have to pull one off the block and build me one of these .
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    I'll say it again I gotta learn how to weld . Amazing transformation one of my favs.
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    Glad you made it I was rooting for you . Your builds always surprise me you take a pile of stuff and turn it into something cool and unique.
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    One of my top picks . I would ride the wheels off that thing .
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    Meet the SlankSpeed, a neoretro spacecowboy style klunker mtb

    Rolling piece of art . I gotta learn how to weld .