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    Multi-ColorFlow, Boba, Scribble's Rat-Flow. Part XVIV Finished For Real This Time I Swear

    What is the serial number on this? I have a B s/n and I am trying to nail the year I think it is a 47
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    Off a scrap trailer

    I have a B s/n with safety dropouts. Interesting to see a an E code without. I had no idea they started over after the war.
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    (mbbo#4 class 1) "BIG RED"

    Poor poor Husker fan. Why hire a mediocre Pac12 coach to replace a good Big 10 coach? Edit: Why not hire Scott Frost and get the right guy there?
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    (MBBO 4 Class 2)- Vance

    More of a side view Found out I am out of gas, such is life.
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    (MBBO 4 Class 2)- Vance

    Spent a week getting the frame jig just right, or rather just right enough Mitered the top tube to the head tube tacked it in place. this is a mock up of the split down tube position.
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    (MBBO #4 Class 2) Mustang Phatty -(FINAL MOCK UP PHOTOS)-

    I saw someone online bend chain stays by filling it with water and putting in the freezer. I might try that next time
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    A wheelie bar in this thing and I'd almost be able to ride it
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    (MBBO #4 Class 1) "Shelby Flyer Woody"..Holiday Greetings from 10

    I wonder how well the wood would stay on the metal in the weather? I was thinking about replacing the stickers on a Wagoneer with wood.
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    (MBBO 4 Class 2)- Vance

    The black stand in the back ground is the start of my frame jig. Legs from a large format printer I got off the free section on craigslist and some extruded aluminium from the junk yard.
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    (MBBO 4 Class 2)- Vance

    I just did it. It is just tacked. I wanted to see if I liked the length, I don't. I think it is about two inches too long.
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    (MBBO 4 Class 2)- Vance

    that was much harder than need be. No direct google link for images photobucket was copy the url and the image .....
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    (MBBO 4 Class 2)- Vance

    I started to build a bike out of a Mongoose Motomag frame but with forks and a larger front wheel it looked too out of wack. Like many of the home built chopper bikes from the 70s the Pedals were way too high because of the fork rake. It would have been a pedal up hill and hold on proposition. I...
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    I know you were going for Lambo, but those remind me of 80s Centerline drag wheels. Skinny and wide gives me that impression.
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    Original Allstate Cheater Slick (Baltimore)

    I wouldn't call it gauging. I bet you could get $100 here and make 50 for your trouble. (other $25 is gas and packing stuff)
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    Hyper-Formance StingRay repaint kits

    i have used the can with hardener in it. It works very well, you smash a button on the bottom to release the hardener. You can get it at any auto paint store for around $20 in any color you want. The can is the expensive part. Pot life was better than I expected. I used the clear over...