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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    I finally found a backwards fork of my own!
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    Schwinn Lil Tiger seat

    What size seat post do these accept? Also, length and width?
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    Schwinn Lil Tiger seat

    I've been watching those for a while now; might be what I end up doing!
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    Roadmaster AMF Jet ladies

    I don't really know what to do with this thing. It needs to be gone through if you want to ride it. Is anyone into this complete or parted out? Located in Sioux Falls SD, will ship on your dime.
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    I'm in; I'd hate to see the site go away, so if $15 bucks will help keep it alive I'm down. No gimmicks required That said, raffles can be very lucrative.
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    Schwinn Lil Tiger seat

    Looking for a small banana seat for a project - the Lil' Tiger seems ideal. Condition is not important; even a bare pan can work. Will buy outright or trade. Let me know what you have and what you're looking for! Thanks!
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    Skip tooth double bar

    Looks like a RF sprocket doesn't it.
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    Skip tooth double bar

    What am I looking at here? I wanted to say Hawthorne but the forward facing drop outs say otherwise.
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    Women's Frame stretch and conversion

    24" Hollywood, two inch stretch up and out in the down tube, 26" fork, pic cut top tube from another Schwinn frame.
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    Manta Racer MBBO class 2

    This is nuts - I love it.
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    Manta Racer MBBO class 2

    Righto, created the top tube, removed the original top tube and added a few inches to the lower tube. The added length accommodates the 26" fork.
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    Manta Racer MBBO class 2

    Looks like you and I have similar tastes! This started as a blue 24" Hollywood.
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    Amen! I have a 2017 Grey Ghost; its fun to cruise and a neat contrast to my O.G. Schwinns.
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    The Life Saver: 1971 AMF Renegade 3

    My Renegade went from three to 10 speeds many years ago; luckily I have all the parts to put it back to stock. Maybe someday. Yours looks rad!