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    1018 Kustoms in Spring Hill. KS. (south Kansas City area) Not a retail store, more of a Hobby job shop. By appointment and internet. or email at:
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    Yep Wildcat. 1960.
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    1950 Spiegel Airman, Monark built Rocket style bike. When I found it about 10 years ago, it was only frame, fork & fenders. I loved it for the Single Spring Monark Fork. I tore it down then and had the frame & fork powder coated but didn't like the way the color turned out so it went to the...
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    Felt Cruiser

    The red wheels are 26" x 55mm Felt wheels & tires off one of the Felt New Belgium bikes.
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    DX Rat!

    Not so much a fresh find as it is a fresh re-find. I built this old rat about 5 or 6 years ago. Had it at the Greaserama car show 4 years ago and a friend wanted it so I sold it to him. He has had a change in hobby priorities and ask if I wanted it back. Simple but fun!
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    BO15 Airman

    I have used OA (aka wood bleach) on rusty painted parts with pretty good success. also have used Evaporust on smaller chrome parts & a brass brush wheel or 0000 steel wool for heaver rust on chrome. But not much of that was used on this project except the fork chrome.
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    BO15 Airman

    The chain guard graphic should be like this.
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    BO15 Airman

    Finally got a little fun shop time in and got the bracket painted, and chainguard & original paint tank installed. I'm not considering it done yet, although close. With a little more time, I'd still like to get the chain guard graphic paint stencil done. And think about touching up some of the...
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    BO15 Freedom Rider

    Love the name and inspiration behind the build!
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    BO15 Rusty&Krusty

    Very cool frame, glad you are here in Class 1 and not cutting that up. Love the build.
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    BO15 Airman

    Finally got a little wrench time in. Used a seat, bars & grips I had laying around. Tires are John's US Royal Chain, wheels are not correct Lobdell for monark, but again used what I had for now. Can't wait for swapmeet time again to hopefully find correct parts. At the last minute I realized I...
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    BO15 Airman

    Mid-coast Surfing is not all its cracked up to be. But I'm ready anyway!
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    BO15 Airman

    Well, I haven't got much of anything new done on the build off Airman. I got kinda side tracked with another painting project. Thought I'd post it since its sort of related since these 2 his & her bikes I'm doing to match my '56 Dalton canned ham trailer are also Airman badged Monarks like the...
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    BO15 SteamRoller - Finished 1st THANKS!! - CompareTwinWinsVerBotenSteamRoller

    I'm a Monark guy from the git-go, and I'd of never thought to use the fork for a suspension sissy bar. Brilliant, just Brilliant!
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    BO15 Reborn from the Ashes

    That was such a great Cycle Truck. Can't wait to see you work your magic again!