Last week we had the pleasure of being able to check out one of the new E-Lux brand E100 Fat Tire Electric Cruiser bikes. A friend of ours that lives close by is a sales rep for the company and he sent a message saying he’d got a demo in and wondered if we wanted to try it out. We jumped at the opportunity and had fun with it for a few days.

Obviously this isn’t a ratty bike by any means, but it is cruiser related and we’re down with anything in that genre of cycling. We’ve never had an E-Bike before so this was a first. We have to say, if you can afford it, it’s tons of fun on two wheels. Having big old fat 26″ x 4″ tires helps justify the extra push that the rear wheel electric motor gives you…especially up the hills.

E-Lux E100 Fat Tire Electric Cruiser Bike

E-Lux is based out of Costa Mesa, California and they have dealers all around the California area. As you can imagine, these cruisers have become super popular at the beach and Newport Cruisers in Newport Beach, CA are one of the dealers that are selling this line of bikes.

The bike that we had to test out is the E100 model which specs out as follows…

Frame: Aluminium, Fork: Steel, Tires: 26″ x 4″, Wheels: 26″ x 57mm Aluminum, Headlight: LED powered by main bike battery, Motor: Bafang 750 Watt Peak Brushless Geared Motor, Battery: 48V 13Ah Samsung Lithium Ion, Controller: 48V 15A, Power: Pedal Assist and Thumb Throttle, Display: LCD Screen, MPH, Battery Range, USB Charger and Odometer, Derailleur: Shimano 7 Speed, Brakes: Front and Rear Tektro Disc Brakes, Charge Time: 5-6 Hours, Range: 30+ Miles, Speed: 0-23mph.

There’s no doubt that this bike is an attention getter. We rode it up and down our local bike path and the folks we cruised past couldn’t help but stop and stare….especially when we were riding on the throttle and not pedaling. Riding only on the throttle in an interesting experience on a bike like this. You’re just flying down the path silently enjoying the breeze. There are five levels of pedal assist that you set on the computer screen. This enables you to start pedaling and the motor will automatically give you a boost at the crank to help you ride along without overexerting yourself. Make no mistake, this bike is not lightweight, even with the aluminum frame. Having the extra push of the Bafang hub motor is definitely a big plus.

The computer screen allows you to see your speed, battery level, odometer and the level of pedal assist. It’s easy to use and the read out is clear. There’s also an LED headlight that’s powered off of the bike’s main battery.

Overall it’s a very well built E-bike that is relatively affordable at $2199. There’s a lot of competition in the electric bike market these days, but the cruiser bike versions are limited. The E-Lux line offers both men and women’s versions and come in a variety of colors and finishes. If you’re in the market for an E-Bike, you may want to consider checking out an E-Lux.

E-Lux Fat Tire Cruiser Bike

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  1. Jim Henderson

    Very nice looking bike!

  2. sdframe

    Is there an electric rat-rod build-off in the future?

  3. Jack

    Would have been nice to see it actually, you know…move.

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