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It was another great build off competition this year and we saw more bikes cross the finish line than we have in a while. Overall there were 107 builds started and 64 of them were completed. The level of creativity and craftsmanship was top notch and many of the participants had never been in one of our build offs before.

The Winner is…

This year forum member Jim Henderson of TRM Convertible Tanks took top honors with his super creative “Quoise.” This bike cannot be fully appreciated until you see what Jim started with….a discarded girl’s frame. Jim manufactures and sells fiberglass bicycle tanks that allow you to convert a girl’s bike frame into a men’s frame while also adding tons of style and class.

Quoise by Jim Henderson

It’s All in the Details!

One thing about Jim’s builds is that they are always jam-packed with cool subtle details. At first glance you may not notice some of the things that Jim pulled off to get the bike to look like it does. He’s an expert at repurposing discarded materials and has mastered the faux weathered finish. You really need to click through his build journal to see all of the hard work that went into this build.

Three Time Winner

Once Jim finishes a bike, it really is a rolling work of art. This isn’t the first time Jim’s won a build off either. He also won first place in our 11th annual build off back in 2016 with his build “Elgin Decoluxe” and Build Off 9 back in 2014 with “Drag King – Raceliner.” His bikes are becoming sought after by collectors and it’s easy to see why.

Quoise by Jim Henderson

A Big Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s build off competition. As with all of our competitions, people are super helpful and love to encourage each other to push the limits on their builds. Be sure to click here to see how the voting turned out and to view all of the finished bike photos.

Click here to see Jim’s Build Journal

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Quoise by Jim Henderson

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  1. Jim Henderson

    Once again the comradery between all of the builders was the high point of the competition. Taking home first prize was the icing on the cake for me, but the cake itself came from being a part of such a great group of builders all lifting each other up! Thank you to everyone who participated! -The Renaissance Man

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