Rat Rod Bikes is the premier online resource for custom and vintage bicycle collectors and enthusiasts.

It all started back in September 2006 when we noticed that there was a real lack of community in the world of vintage and custom bikes. At the time, there were a few bicycle focused forums around, but none that really dealt with rat rod style bikes. Most were sites geared towards a specific brand or era of bike and there wasn’t much room for discussions around custom bike building.

Many people ask what a “Rat Rod Bike” is and what we’ve determined after nine years of running the site is that is not an easy question to answer. As a matter of fact, we’ve got a rule within the forum that asks people to not discuss the definition of the term because it always just leads to heated debates. If we had to give a general definition of the term it would probably go like this…

A rat rod bike is a bike built from many different miscellaneous parts to mimic a vintage hot rod style from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Now, where the problem with this definition lies is that it is far too narrow for what goes on in our community of builders and collectors. Over the past nine years we have seen a wide variety of custom bikes built on the site that ranged from the most grungy to the most pristine. This is a very laid back group of builders that encourages all forms and styles of custom bike building. You will see balloon tire cruisers, middleweight bikes, muscle bikes, stretched customs, lowriders, and even a vintage BMX bike from time to time. The important thing is that it’s a creative environment with lots of ideas and inspiration for vintage and custom bike builders.

Each year we host a few different bike build offs as well as photography contests to keep things interesting. We have a very active classified section with many reputable sellers offering all kinds of parts from frames, stems, cranks, pedals and seats to complete bikes. We also have some members who create their own line of custom parts that they offer for sale to the community.

Another great area of the site is the “How To” section. This section gives members the opportunity to ask more technical questions on topics like painting, fabrication, general bicycle mechanics, tools, and bike parts. There is a vast wealth of knowledge in this section and there are tons of experienced knowledgeable members around to help answer questions.

Along with the forum we have an online store where we sell soft goods and bike parts and we also have several social media channels that we stay active on including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. There is also the Rat Rod Bikes Facebook Group which currently has over 5000 members.

Chances are, if you are into custom or vintage bicycles you will fit right in on the forum. Join us today and have fun building and collecting!

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  1. interested in the first brodie knob, the amber one. is it still for sale? and how much?

  2. I am looking for a site to post my as new prs-6 park bike stand i just dont have enoug interest in rainy S. Oregon? So do you host forum pictures or must they be hosted offsite? whats the process to gain powting privileges? Thanks for the info

  3. UK Sales

  4. I had a Murray orange Stingray style bike in about 1969 which I loved! It was a single speed coaster brake. I think it was the Qualifier 1 or Eliminator, but not a hand brand or stick shift style. It has a two tone banana seat with silver sparkle and orange or white. It had some racing decals on frame. I have never seen a photo of this bike anywhere! I got it from May Co department store I believe. I put a sissy bar on I recall. The orange frame was beautiful in sunlight. Does anyone know what Murray bike this was? Would love to see a photo of it again!! Thanks so much Hal HalLifson.com or HalLifson@aol.com

  5. I have molds from the Bowden Spacelander and was curious if this has been c nc in acrylic mtrl?


  7. The Vintage Flying Museum is selling a Philips bike. If you are interesting in buying it, please come to the Surplus Sale June 16-17 at the museum. See our Facebook page and event for more details and photos.

    Thank you,

    Vintage Flying Museum
    505 NW 38th Street Hangar 33S
    Fort Worth, Texas

  8. Bike lovers should visit the bicycle building at Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio. There is a great collection of bicycles manufactured in Dayton and the region from an original Wright Brothers’ built safety bike (located in the aviation center with their 1905 airplane) to Greg LeMond’s Olympic time trial bike. Huffy, which evolved from the Huffman Manufacturing Company and the Davis Sewing Machine Company, was founded in Dayton and there is a 1950’s radio bike on display, and a Huffy convertible with training wheels. And while you’re at it, make a trip up to New Bremen Ohio where there is another excellent bicycle museum collection.

  9. Steve: I viewed your video on the 1966 Schwinn String Ray Fastback in Black with a 5 Speed that you bought and cleaned up. Please contact me at your soon so I can talk to you and ask question about this bike

  10. I recently acquired a vintage Schwinn cruiser which I am just about done “chopping”. I look forward to entering the next buildoff competition.

  11. Hello, I’m trying to find information about a 1978 huffy thunder trail bike that I have.
    Curious as to the worth…

  12. Hi, my account shows that a conformation email has been sent to my address, I haven’t got it yet after about a day, clicked resend, still haven’t got it yet. I did check my spam folder.


  13. Same here.
    My account shows that a conformation email has been sent to my address, I haven’t got it yet after about a week, clicked resend, still haven’t got it yet. I did check my spam folder.

    Terry Farmer

  14. Still waiting for confirmation email.

  15. RRB got it sorted out. Much appreciated.

  16. Hello, I just wanted to say you have a very cool website. I’m going to join right now. Thank you. Barry

  17. Does anyone know how long the seat pole is suppose to be on a Huffy Cranbrook 26″ women’s bike? I can’t seem to get it to come out of the seat tube!

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