We Got Our Hands on a 2020 Schwinn Grape Krate! – Unboxing & Review

We Got Our Hands on a 2020 Schwinn Grape Krate! – Unboxing & Review

The new Limited Edition 2020 Grape Krate will go on sale on Amazon on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

For those of you that missed out on the 2018 Apple Krates, here’s your chance to own one just as cool! Schwinn will be selling 500 of these purple metallic beauties this Summer and they are sure to sell out quick.

The Sting-Ray bikes were Schwinn’s answer to the hot 60s trend of kids converting their bicycles into choppers. To take it up a notch, Schwinn created the Krate line of Sting-Rays in 1968. They added some mind blowing features like a suspension sissy bar, springer fork, 16″ front wheel with drum brake and the iconic 5 speed Stik Shifter. These shifters would later be outlawed due to safety concerns.

Was the Grape Krate ever made?

Schwinn collectors know that there never was actually a “Grape Krate” model sold by Schwinn. There are stories that say that Schwinn created a couple of Grape Krate prototypes back in the 60s for a show, but the bike never did make it into production. Others say that Schwinn made 15 of the bikes in the 70s to give to employees as Christmas presents. Regardless of which is actually true, the Grape Krate is still one of the most sought after custom Krates on the market.

Orange & Coal Krate

In addition to the Grape Krate, Schwinn is also selling the Orange Krate and the Coal Krate. These two models are not limited and inventory will be updated on Amazon as needed.

The Orange Krate was probably the most well known of the Krate bikes and the Coal Krate was another one of those models that was never really sold by Schwinn. Collectors have had fun creating their own custom versions of these bikes over the years.

Unboxing & Review

Schwinn sent us one of the new Grape Krates in advance to unbox and review. Check out our video below that will give you all of the details.

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