Who's spouse has the most bikes.

Apr 24, 2007
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A follow up for "Who on RRB has been married the longest?"

Who's spouse has the most bikes. Okay it should be "who's wife" but I see a small number of women here. I'd guess if your wife has 1 or no bikes, you get more, uh, comments on your hobby from her.

I'll reserve my answer for later.

Jan 12, 2013
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My woman has 2.5 bikes. A Dyno, a Huffy Westport(store bike), and my Kulana beach beater when I'm not on it.


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
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My wife has had 3/4 that were "hers" but she only keeps one around at a time. She usually picks whatever Ive just got done building last to ride if not her own bike.
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So far my fiance has 2 bikes, a Schwinn Hollywood I built up for her for Christmas and a like new Iron Horse I found at the scrapyard that is lighter and easier for her to ride.

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Nov 24, 2012
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highship said:
my wife has zero interest in bikes but every time i bring home a womans bike i tell her i got it for her :wink: :D
Same here.
Technically she has none that she actually acquired for herself, but I have three vintage girls bikes that I have provided for her and my daughter to ride.

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Aug 7, 2013
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Umm... Need some parameters here. Like, do they have to be ride-able (almost) or is a frame also counted? :?: :?: :?: :D
Oct 8, 2010
the flatlands of KS
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Geez, let me count here. She's got four tri wheelers, a 24" Miss Buzz bike, a 24" middle weight, a Schwinn Lil' Chick, a 24" Schwinn middle weight franken bike, and a 26" Huffman prewar. Phew, that's not bad for a bike junkie's wife!