What to do w/ a frame in good condition?

Jun 28, 2009
Garland, Texas
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So I got this a few weeks ago and my son says it's for him, and he wants to keep it as original as possible :D

My question is...I'm not going to repaint but there some spots of rust on the frame and I would like to brighten up the paint, so what do I do? Just buff everything with a cut wax or something else? What about the rust? Do I need to sand it out then buff it? What type of wax should I use? Thanks for any help on this...oh, and it's '69 Sting Ray Fastback three speed (if you're wondering) that we got for free 8) .
Aug 7, 2007
Pocatello, Idaho
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Be very careful around the screens if you decide to use a rubbing compound. There is a website called hyperformance ?? think thats the name. They sell stingray stuff and may have touch up paint that is the correct color.
Sep 7, 2008
Long Island NY
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Looks like everyone else has paint restoration under control here, so I'll go for the chrome:

I use Naval Jelly and a nylon brush to clean up old crusty chrome. Heavy rust and pitting cannot be completely removed, but you'll be surprised how clean the chrome will come out with very little hard labor. For the stubborn areas I use a soft wire brush after the Naval Jelly treatment.