What have you been riding lately?

Oct 28, 2018
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I just built this up and have ridden it a bit the last few days.
I need to get some bars for it, but these were hanging in the garage, and a new stem (its 1 1/8” threaded so not common).
I actually find that old huffy saddle comfortable.View attachment 148845
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Very good but that stem is big. Now people are going the opposite direction and having bikes with hardly any stem.
Jul 11, 2020
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tried to go on a ride on my eliminator, but the brake locked up! :doh: i guess ill have to rebuild it.
Apr 26, 2020
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Another beautiful day in downtown Melbourne today. Cruised around the Melbourne University Campus and surrounding suburbs on the Red Menace. Second last photo is the University's underground car park that was featured in Mad Max 1 where Max is introduced to the V8 Interceptor.

mad max.jpg
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1989 Access Supergo Comp. Bought new mail order from Bikecology. Raced it '89-'99. Converted it to a drop bar two years ago.

2018 Surly Wednesday
Oct 18, 2014
Newport NC
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A Mid 1970's Musashi with a sticker reading 'Shabondama'...whatever the heck that means. :21:

It's a Japanese commuter that was purchased in Oahu by a serviceman and has seen more countries than I ever will. The seller refused more than $10 for it, just told me to 'enjoy it while I can still ride' (he has a prosthetic foot now and uses an 'Irish Mail'-style rowing quadricycle for his exercise) so I stopped arguing and took it home. Features include a generator light (busted) banded brake for the rear wheel and calipers for the front, and a front basket.

I removed the rusted generator headlight, purchased new tires and tubes, sprayed some rust inhibitor on the patina (same color as the original paint, yay!) oiled the chain and just rode it.I may add a rear rack later on for more cargo, but back wheel stays lack the holes for it, so i'll improvise something when the weather improves.


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Twenty miles on this beast yesterday and 20 miles again today. It was 0 degrees Fahrenheit when I did the AM 10 miles today. It was tough because it snowed about two inches last night so it was soft. I got the usual sore aching freezing eyeballs and an ice cream headache until I warmed up. The PM ten miles was easier as it was 20 F and the snow was plowed down to the ice. Notten else ta do as it’s too cold in my shop to work on bike projects. Since January 1st I have ridden 390 miles on plowed gravel roads. I have a 75 year old friend that has a lot more miles than I do. I started him biking and created a monster. I’m also 75 and we have been friends since childhood. I think his goal is to compete with me but I can’t keep up. He beat me pretty bad in 2020.
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Dude, you had knee surgery in 2020!
The knee turned out great. I can put my pants on without sitting down for the first time in 15 years. I keep starting to go down stairs backwards before I remember I no longer have to. The surgeon was impressed when I was riding 7 miles after two months. No brain no pain, as my wife says.