Vintage Phillips

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Yes, the braking parts are missing. I´m sure I can´t find them in Finland so all help is appreciated.
Several years ago I have saw reproductions on the net that were made in India. I have also seen them available from the U.K. on eBay. I saw Phillips bike photos on the net that showed a similar bike to yours that had no chain guard. It had the same seat and the only real difference I saw was that it had caliper rim brakes. I still think with the Rod brakes and all that there is a good chance yours had an enclosed guard. Perhaps paint damage and mounting places would give you a clue. Almost no one would know the difference if you can’t find an enclosed guard.
Sep 26, 2012
Chicago, IL
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Don't listen to these guys, it's an uninteresting bike, and worth nothing, and you won't find any parts. It's probably haunted, and unlucky.

You better just ship it to me.
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May 18, 2020
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You are only missing two parts for the front brake; the stirrup and the fork guides. Those parts are still in use today on bikes made in India and are Phillips pattern. Ebay usually has them. They also require a specific pad that angles inward.

When cleaning it up use very light pressure and a non abrasive cleaner around the pin stripes, they will rub off way to easy.

Chain guards were often a dealer installed option on the older british bikes, it could of had none, hockey stick, or enclosed. Export models seldom used the enclosed ones due to the extra weight increasing duty fees.

My best guess is late forties to early fifties. It took a while for bike manufacturing to resume in England after the war so more likely early fifties. There were some plants in southeast Asia building Phillips bikes around then also. There may be a date stamped on the rear hub.

Nice find and fun bikes to ride. Once up to cruising speed they beg to be ridden far.
Jul 15, 2015
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I would say late 40’s early 50’s, too. Later Phillips with rod brakes had a stirrup looking fulcrum at the top of the down tube that had attachment points on both sides. Earlier ones had the attachment point only on the non-drive wide. I have a 62 Phillips project bike (front fender coming) that only has rod brake on front and Sturmey Archer AK 3 speed coaster hub on back. I really like the brand specific chainring, pedal blocks and engraved stem. They were considered a sub brand of Raleigh (along with Triumph, Sunbeam and Robin Hood) with lower valued rims and tube sets but I never thought of them as inferior bikes.
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