Sep 6, 2006
La Porte,Indiana
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Re: early bicycle photos

Found this on the La Porte Indiana website. 1893 in La Porte...if either of those bikes are still around, Im gonna find 'em!!!
Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
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Re: early bicycle photos

This is a cool thread. Some great pics from all.!!! Hooch those riding pics were probably made with a box camera? Man they are good.!!! Here is a couple more made with an early film camera to add.

nineteen teens? A couple of rats on the prowl!!!

I thought his hat looked cool. Notice the sweep of the forks and the handlebar angle and the bobbed rear fender. Pic was probably from the first Veterans Day. The rider may have been a Civil Defense Volunteer. Notice above the front sprocket. Probably a chain driven siren and a spring seat.
Wasn't there a first rat rod thread somewhere back? Some of you guys will have access to pics of you and your first bikes over the holidays? Grab and scan if possible. Thanks!!!
Mar 21, 2007
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Re: early bicycle photos

Hooch, I'll take your "Kid in Beanie" and raise you with "Monkey on Tallbike"
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