Two more cold weather projects

May 18, 2020
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Like any good squirrel, I've been laying in my winter supply.

First up is a 1953 BF Goodrich. The rack is a Higgins that I've partially stripped and sat on it to see how it would look. Not sure how I'm going to go after this one. It would actually be kind of cool to do the mechanicals and leave it farm fresh. It is smallish for me so it probably won't get to remain in my fleet come spring time unless I can stretch out the drivers compartment some without making it look like a splatter kat.


Next up is one I'm kind of excited to build. 1945 missing badge Huffman frame & fork, probably Dayton. There is a whole bunch of potential in this one and it should fit my tall self when done. I've enough rusty junk in my stash to do a full fendered patina rat. It would also look great as a fenderless roadster. Or a klunker. I'm going to take a peek under the spray bomb paint to see what lurks there. I've got a nice set of patina drop centers I'm building up that this will roll this on.