TRM Convertible Tank Registry

Jul 15, 2015
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To help celebrate yet another excellent Jim Henderson win in this year’s build-off, I’m starting a post to show off your TRM convertible tank builds. Here is mine.
Started with a 36 girls Colson. Kept the brown patina pretty much unmolested. Bought the tank from TRM during a Christmas special that included a free light kit.
As usual, careful planning, measuring and cutting are critical to getting the tank to fit right. Had to use some fiberglass to fix a boo-boo where tank fits front frame tube. Recessed the light switch and added patina cover plate. Added a horn that was a cheap unit off eBay. Had a handlebar horn button finagled to work. Painted brown leather Krylon satin with gold dusting to match bike patina. Bars, stem, chain guard, rear reflector, seat, pedals and drop stand from parts bin or sourced elsewhere. Thompson grips. Colson badge on top of tank actually cloth patch that I sprayed with 15 coats of clear satin to look like metal. Brown 26x2.125 Fat Franks w/w tires. Rides great!
Let’s see some other TRM convertibles!


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Jun 13, 2015
US occupied MA
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Interrobang from bare frame of '64 Spaceliner. Has rotary shift for 3-speed coaster SA hub with brass tubing as a chase way for the shift cable. Front disc brake, pointed lenses for headlights, 3-piece crank. I recently opened up the head tube hole a little and wrapped some rubber sheeting between the tank and head tube. Not only did that eliminate some creaking I was getting, but it stiffened it up a little and made it a lot nicer to ride. For the seatpost height, I had to reinforce the Wald steel by inserting an aluminum rod. Then, the binding bolts had to be replaced with grade 8 hardware to clamp the much stiffened tube with enough force not to slip.