The Old Cranks Garage

Apr 2, 2009
Northern Canada
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Hello this is my introduction, I have been a lurker on here for a while and finaly posted a bike in the gallery. This site is an insperation and motivator, my hats off to the RatRod for this site. I am in Canada, 500 miles north of the American border. Here we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of tough sleding. I have a few bikes that I will post pictures of when I get better at running this machine. I used to play with cars but the cost went out of site and I got into bikes. So far I have built a boardtrack racer(indian), a custom , a chopper, a veladrone racer, and a tricycle. I think I have enough projects to keep me going for the next five years (remember the winters are long). There are not to many bike guys here or parts (I believe the first paved road here was 1964) so I really like this site. I would like to get into a build off at some point, they look like great fun and the creative stuff that they spawn is incredible. I wll post more later. Thank you Tucker at The Old Cranks Garage.