The next stage for the Electra Straight 8

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Under way.
Here's where it's at currently. Nothing much has changed for a few years now. Just service and a few repairs.

But here's the new bits now on order.

The Forks are 810mm legs from Classic Cycle in Germany so they will take the longest to get to Brisbane. But they are on DHL now. I figure they will lift the top clamp around 100mm - plus however much the new 29" wheel and Schwalbe Big Apple 29x2.35 tyre adds.
Tektro mechanical disc front will be adequate and I figured it was about time I got myself a star nut setting tool - so that went on the order too.

I'm hoping to get more of a Chopper look to it.

Details as they come to hand.

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Waiting ... waiting.
The big wheel and tyre have arrived, so have the hex skewer, brake rotor and calliper and the star nut and setting tool.
Cables should turn up tomorrow, new race and some steerer spacers on the way too.
Ordered a new BMX short reach stem that should work better with the new forks - which are still at least a week away.

So started on some DIY whitewalls this evening. Now watching paint dry.

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After 5 weeks my forks finally arrived today. They spent 4 weeks waiting for a plane out of Germany to Aus, but when I got the 'on-board for delivery' notice this morning I set about pulling the front end out.

About 3pm they showed up.

Cool! Finding forks with a steerer long enough for the Electras can be problematic.

So I fitted them, put the disk brake together, fitted the 29" front wheel and took it for a spin. But straight away I didn't like the BMX bars - so put the apes back on. (After I bent them out to a more splayed shape). But then the fork legs were too long. It messed with the line of the bike and started to wheelstand going up a slight incline.

So I cut 120mm off the fork legs and now I'm well pleased with it. Took it for a skid when I had it all together.

Happy daze. Low rider for a tall guy.
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Getting close to done now. I made some frame protectors from an old motorcycle gaiter, which meant I had to lower the headlight a little - so now it needs the steerer tube cut down a inch or so and it will be done.
I'm going to re-lace the stock 24x3 front wheel with a disc brake hub - so It will have wheel options.
Some shots from the last few days.

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