The Black Monark

May 20, 2009
Isle of Hope, GA
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Got mine!
They’re a REALLY close match to my beat Brooks saddle. Excellent quality (like everything Scott does), you can’t beat them for $25!

If you’re thinking about getting some, STOP THINKING and just buy them!

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early schwinn phantom b-6 no-rivet saddle
Restored as original, all parts original to this saddle with the exception of the reproduction side plates.
correctly plated and painted with enamel, which retains all the original manufacturing marks, not filled in with powder coat.
clamp teeth are excellent.
leather is the best usa made name brand vegetable tanned saddle leather produced, the same type and weight as when new, as original:
not glued down to the padding.

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Went through all 17 pages...
The artistry, photography and bikes are all truly magnificent. You are exceptionally talented.
Love the Alexander Rocket model. A fan of elevated chainstays. And that wall backdrop with the plane and propeller.

Have you ever done a leather banana seat?
gosh man, thanks!

haven't done a banana seat in leather but certainly could
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First set of pics is a Mesinger saddle restored as original for 1933 Indian Motoplane.
Same type and weight of leather as original, the owner had the original horsehair pad.
A few years back i was fortunate to find a small stash of NOS original flax cord that was used on these.
it's not easy to work with and hand-stitching takes a long time but the result is worth it.


Second set of pics is a similar saddle (NOS original) bought a couple years ago to see how they were made and how they should look.

mesinger nos 001.JPG

mesinger nos 002.JPG

mesinger nos 003.JPG

mesinger nos 004.JPG

mesinger nos 005.JPG

mesinger nos 006.JPG
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