Stratos - Finished

Dec 11, 2011
Central Ohio
Fun facts about the build:

The tank was made out of PVC sheet from Home Depot. You can cut it with a utility knife, sand it, shape it and paint it. It was screwed together in the interest of time, but if you’re not in a hurry it can be joined with PVC glue or super glue.

The 4 matching steering stems were inadvertently purchased from the U.K., because that was the cheapest price online for matching ones. They arrived in the U.S. in two days, then took a whirlwind tour of our great country via the post office that lasted almost a month!

All the long pointy bits were sourced from IKEA, and were meant to be laundry drying racks, drawer pulls, etc.

The dual handlebars were fashioned out of a curved shower curtain rod.

The “pointy” cone bullet ends were a truck stop purchase. The ones with fins that look like the tail of a rocket are called “krommets”, and were originally a motorcycle dress-up item. I don’t know if they are currently being made, but there seemed to be enough new old stock available to satisfy my needs.

The grips are a motorcycle item. Two sets were required because motorcycle grips are different diameters side to side (because of the throttle on one side).

The wheels were a lucky online find, as they look like common steel wheels, but are twice as wide. I still don’t know what they were originally for.

The chain guard was a last-minute addition from an abandoned “Galaxy Flyer”. It just looked right and cleaned up well.

All of the aluminum add-ons were fabricated from aluminum that was reclaimed from the inside of a Greyhound bus my stepdad converted into a motor home. I have been using the metal from various overhead racks and storage compartments for years.


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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
WHOA!! I must have missed your recent updates. That fat tank work truly ties this beast all together!
Well Done!!!!

You probably already know this, but Don't forget that when the Voting thread is created we will use the first pic from your Finished thread. I'm not suggesting anything is wrong with the current pic, just making sure everyone knows.
Nov 22, 2011
Love the creativity and Ingenuity in this bike, should have had more votes. One of a kind for sure.

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