Spare Parts

Apr 28, 2019
Warsaw PL

Started as a 2015 3 Trip girls bicycle that i got as a freebie. Converted by adding an upper pipe reused from an old chair.

Features & parts included in the build:

- 2015 3 Trip steel girls frame converted to a mans frame with a stick shift mount, and a second BB welded on the front.
- Both wheels fitted with Sapim nipples & Kenda Kommuter tires (26x2.0)
- Fork build from hardware store parts (gate hinges, threaded steel rods & 1" chrome pipes) & old Logan brand springer fork parts.
- Cruiser type fenders from an unknown bicycle. Straightened, rebuild, and painted.
- Customized Banana Seat & Sissy Bar, originally used in Romet children bicycles.
- Headlight from a Chechoslovakian tracktor fitted with USB rechargable 350lm Prox Pictor headlight.
- Rearlight from an old polish truck, fitted with battery powered LED's
- License plate from Douglas Arizona - a present from @sdframe (Thanks again!)
- Shimano 6 speed gripshift converted to a stick shifter with a wooden knob.
- Shimano Deore rear deraileur.
- XB3 Chainguard originaly used in Ukraina bicycles.
- Rebuild VP platform pedals.
- Romet quilles stem originaly used in Karat folding bicycles. Converted to use a standard quill.
- Promax rear V-Brake.
- Tektro Caliper brake in the front.
- Custom, leather trimmed handles.
- Original MMB3 front badge (Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle Factory).

What I started with:

Some pictures from the build:

Thanks again for a great event that is the 14th Rat Rod Bikes Build-Off :)

Spare Parts was made using the Original Reusable Junk Parts Brand. :21:

And was made in my free time at my workshop Alle Jazda - Bicycle, Ski & Snowboard. Shop & Service -
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Welcome to the Finished line Spike! That parts list is crazy. A truly rat-isfying build. And great Final Photo at the top!

It looks like a build Electra would have made in the '60s with their patented Flat Foot Technology and long wheelbase. :thumbsup:
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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Fun and cool build to follow!

You probably already know this, but Don't forget that when the Voting thread is created we will use the first pic from your Finished thread. I'm not suggesting anything is wrong with the current pic, just making sure everyone knows.
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